More on my Command Notebook and Center

The Command Center is useable now, but still needs some work.  🙂   We will be moving the phone off the wall and onto the desk.  Above the phone will be a cabine of small drawers and shelves.  This will be a long time down the road, because my husband has other things to finish.  On the left side, where the phone is now, I’ll have a corkboard.

 For my command notebook, I have the following sections, in order inside the book.

  • The Word – This will be the place where I write down God’s word for me.  Nothing is in there yet. *blush*
  • Personal Calendar – here I have written birthdays, anniveraries, etc.
  • Monthly Calendar – This is not the one I am using.  I have Young Minds CD and she has a monthly calendar that you can format youself.  I have added special days and clip art to my pages.  Makes it look nice. 🙂
  • Daily Timer – (Routines) As above the Young Minds CD has a five column schedule that can be formated.  I print one up for each of my kids.  I highlighted the areas where we would be out of the house each week and then filled in around it.    Also in here is our church schedules.
  • Menus – The first page is a list of our families favorite meals.  The other pages are the weekly menu pages.  I made these on my computer to match our needs.  I have Sunday through Saturday, with Lunch, Snack, Dinner for each day.  We are still working on getting this to work.   I haven’t finished it yet, but I have a grocery list to make, that matches our grocery store. I’ll have one for our local grocery store, one for Sam’s, and one for Wal-Mart.  If you need any of these forms you can also get these at . Can you tell where I like to get my forms. LOL
  • Phone Numbers  –  first page is a list of our neighbors.  Next comes my personal phone/address pages.  I also made this on my computer.  Along with the normal stuff you see on an address page, I have added children’s names.   Then comes the Christmas Card page.  Also at DonnaYoung.
  • Family Information – the divider page has a picture of our family on it. 🙂
  • Soccer – Contains soccer information.  This will be the last season, because we quit.  Too much money, time and effort.  *ugh*
  • Pet Information – Contains information on our pets.   We have one cat, two Bearded Dragons, and two Ball Pythons.
  • Camping – We will start collecting maps and information are various camp grounds we like.  Plus list all the items we need for camping.  Possibly even menu and recipes just for camping.
  • School information – This is for Orchestra Class, Homeschool group classes, anything outside our home for school. 
  • Scope and Sequence – This helps me to plan for the coming years.  🙂   There are many out there, but I like this one.
  • Coupons – we don’t get many of these, but we like to keep the ones we will use in one place.  That way they won’t get lost.  Now all I have to do, is remember we even have them.   😀
  • Misc. –  I am doing a few Bible studies on keeping the home and this is where I will be puting the pages.  One of the things I am doing is the  Colossal Clutter Clean Up .   Also, New Habits . 

So that is it.  Hope you enjoyed peaking into my Command Notebook.  🙂

9 responses to “More on my Command Notebook and Center

  1. First Comment. Thank for making this available to the public.

  2. Michelle this is truly an awesome command notebook. 🙂

    If I had one, I would have in The Word part (top and center), something from Philippians 4, probably verses 6, 7, 8, and 13. Those keep my head straight during the day. 😉 I love Proverbs too … Oh, I just found a $10 bill in Proverbs. Have you been here again and not told me??

  3. LOL No, it must be a true blessing from God.

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  6. I remember reading this last year and now I’ve read it again this year, this time I think that I’ll follow my beloved Appliejuice and make a good journal for myself and use some of your tips.

    Thanks for the reminder 😀
    You’re a good friend.

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