The Servants’ Quarters

Anti-Procrastination Challenge: Thursday

Today’s project was my Servants’ Quarters.  It really needed to be worked on.

before.JPGHere is the before picture.  Notice the baskets on teh floor, everything is out of place or almost.  I had to take servants off the shelves, just to get to the servant I needed for the day. Ug.

after.JPG After.   All baskets are at the top and in order.  I had taken most of the servants down and gave them a good washing.  Put them back where they belong.  Even swept under the shelves. 😀  I even took off the baskets from the top of the freezer and wash it.  That was nasty.

This is in my laundry room, off the kitchen.  I am standing in front of the washer and dryer, to take the picture.  Just in case any of you wanted to know. lol

So glad that is done.  Thank you, Mrs. Wilt.  I have several other procrastination projects in mind for tonight and tomorrow.  woohoo.

9 responses to “The Servants’ Quarters

  1. LOL, when I saw your comment in Mrs. Wilt’s blog about the “Servant’s Quarters” I had to come check it out. When I saw the first picture I gafawed like a monkey! You did a great job getting it all cleaned up. It must feel pretty good! I know what you mean about stuff on the top of the fridge/freezer getting nasty…I have a couple of those myself.

    Rean Day

  2. It looks really good, Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks everyone. Yes, it does feel good getting it done and I now can find what I need. 🙂

  4. Looks great! Now you have the after picture to document where everything is supposed to live.
    Maintenance, that’s where I don’t do so well sometines.

  5. I sure could use a laundry room closet like yours.

  6. That looks great! I love before and afters:)
    You have some pretty cool servants there. Mine are taking up too much counter space.

  7. Why is this post showing up now? I commented back in 2007??? I’m confused.

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