Anti-Procrastination is still going on…

This morning I have done two of my procrastination projects and one is left to do.

  1. I ordered the much needed items for my son’s science project.  It was a week overdue and now it will be another week, because I had to order the stuff.  *sigh*   All I wanted was alum.  Who ever thought it would be so hard to find.  If I just had ordered it in the first place, we wouldn’t be behind in our work.
  2. Ordered tea.  YEAH!!   I have been putting off calling Harney and Sons for over a month .  Their website will only allows me to place one item in the cart, so I have to call on the phone.  Why is that so hard?  After a month of procrastination and dwindling supply of loose tea *gasp*, I finally did it.  To award myself, I ordered the special Valentine blend, along with our daily tea blend. 😀
  3. Next procrastination project for today is this…junk-drawer.JPGMy junk drawer.  Ahhhhhhhh!


I finished the job!  woohoo.  I started a list of things I found in there, but the list got to long to post here. LOL   Some of the odd things I found were, hair clipped from my girls, half an uncooked spaghetti noodle, half of a dried bean, three pen caps with no matching pens, and receipts from seven months ago.    I also found $2.86 in change.  Now I have a lot more space for more junk.  LOL

5 responses to “Anti-Procrastination is still going on…

  1. Yikes, you have some work ahead of you!! My biggest problem isn’t emptying the drawer, it’s finding the right spot for all the STUFF that was in the drawer to begin with! I’ll be praying for you! LOL

    Rean Day

  2. Good on you! My drawer looked just like yours until I cleaned it. 😀

  3. Hiya! 😀 How are you today? I lovvvve organization, so your project looks like fun to me. 😆 I’m holding you accountable! Did you complete it? :mrgreen:

    Tea! Before just a few years ago I only knew of the Lipton tea my mom made when we were growing up. Then I started trying a few new teas. I’ve tried some fruity teas – don’t care for them so much. I’ve had chamomile, and like it, but found out I probably had an allergy to it. (boooo!) I have a friend who likes Chai and Rooibos teas. I decided to try them and am now hooked. So, my current favorite tea is Chai, with Rooibos, Oolong and green teas following. What’s in your blend? 😀

    Have a wonderful evening! :mrgreen:

  4. “I’m holding you accountable! Did you complete it? ”
    Hey Robin! Yes, I did. See the update in my post. 😀

    “What’s in your blend?”
    I’ll do a little post on this later. 🙂

  5. Wahooo! You did great. :mrgreen:

    I responded to your comment on my new fire engine red birdhouse. 😆 It is bright, isn’t it? 🙂

    I look forward to hearing about your blend. I looked at the tea pots that have the built in infuser. I found an olive colored one I liked. 😀

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