My favorite teas


My favorite place to shop for teas is at Harney & Sons .

I like my tea hot with one or two drops of Stevia sweetner.  My Knight in Shining Armor (husband) likes it over ice, unsweetened.

All-India Blend (blend)- exclusive blend from H&S.  We use this for our daily tea.   Sometimes hubby likes this with a few Dragon Pearls thrown in.  I like mine with milk.

Black Current (blend)- Big fruity taste.  I like this plain with just Stevia.  Usually drink this on Sunday morning.

Darjeeling (blend) – This is what we have when we run out of the All India Blend.  🙂

Irish Breakfast – A very strong tea.  Haven’t had this in a while.  I like it with milk.  Too strong for the husband, but if that is all we have then, he’ll drink it. 😀

Dragon Pearl Jasmine – it has a wonderful aroma!  I like this early in the morning with nothing in it.  My girls also like this one.  This is the only green tea I drink.

Egyptian Chamomile – This is a nice soothing drink before bedtime.  We like it plain. I do not give this to the girls.

I like many more, but these are the ones we regularly use.   We only use loose tea leaves.   My husband will use the tea bags at work, but never at home.  We never buy tea from the grocery store.  Many of those teas have been on the shelves for up to three years.

Instructions for steeping tea. The rule of thumb is 1 tsp per cup and 1 tsp for the pot.  If you are like me, who likes a strong tea, then use a little more.  🙂    Heat water to almost a boil for your black teas, not quite so hot for herbal and green teas,  place your tea leaves in a tea ball or strainer , place in the water.  Let steep for 5 minutes for the black teas, 3 to 4 for the green and herbal teas.   I usually make my teas in a large glass teapot, then transfer that to a fancy teapot when I am having tea with friends or my girlies.  More on tea time entertainment later.

My girls and I will be having Valentine Tea Party and I will be posting my plans on that in a few weeks.

8 responses to “My favorite teas

  1. Thanks Michelle. :mrgreen: I am going to that website and check those out. I have my tea pot all picked out. Or I might get the little mugs with infusers built right in. Maybe get a different color for each of the girls and I. I can order the one I like from Harney & Sons through since we order from them fairly often. 😀

    Have a wonderful Saturday afternoon…

  2. Wow, what an informing post.

    ” Sometimes hubby likes this with a few Dragon Pearls thrown in. ”
    What, pray tell, are dragon pearls?

  3. Hi Turkey Farm,

    Dragon Pearl Jasmine is a green tea. Here is a quote from Harney & Sons, “A great Jasmine! Beautiful little pearls of green & white! The smell and taste are sublime. The floral notes are perfectly balanced.”

    Green teas are very healthy to drink and this is the only one I drink right now. All the others taste like grass. LOL

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  4. Thanks! Drinking less coffee lately, trying to drink more herbal teas.

  5. First…Applie…What are Dragon pearls?

    I love loose tea…that is all I drink if I can get it. Randy found a nice tea shop in Georgetown(D.C.) where he can purchase the tea. It is a shop called “Teasim”. It was featured on Rachel Ray’s dining for under $40.

    I have the Oolong,Ceylon,Darjeeling,Earl Grey, Dragonwell Gree Tea, Black Peony hand tied black tea and Golden Yunnan Black Adagio Tea.

    There is no comparison taste wise with loose teas and bag teas.
    I would like to try some of the teas you listed…I may get a chance to later in the spring.

  6. Ginger, Pearl Dragon tea, is green leaves rolled into a ball. They uncurl when steeping. They smell like Jasmin. 😛 We have a tea shop here called Teavanna, they are ok. That shop is more for the younger hipper person and not the fine quality tea taster, as myself. 😀 I like to buy from Harney and Sons.

  7. Thank You….I wasn’t sure. I would expect you to have a more discriminating pallet…You being you and all…

  8. Yes, of course, Ginnger. I fully understand, after all, I am me. 😀

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