Pirate Lapbook

Posted at old blog: October 25, 2005

We spent a little over a week preparing the Pirate Lapbook. I don’t think I want to do another lapbook, but who knows, I might change my mind. I thought it was tiresome to prepare all the flips and flaps, cut outs, and so forth and then take a day to glue it all together. I like the notebook idea. I can have the kiddos finish each page, with flips and flaps and so forth as they go along. Any print outs can be done right on the page without having to cut it out, then gluing. All those pages can go into their special folder (for holding) until the project is done. Then all I have to do is pull out the pages, put them in order and bind them. No need to glue any extensions or fold folders.

My son’s pirate lapbook looks great. I am waiting on the glue to dry to take pictures, but here is a scanned picture of the Sir Francis Drake mini-book he made. Actually, the page on the left is the inside of my son’s book and the right side is the cover of my daughter’s book. Wanted to show you what each looked like. I made the book on the computer and added text and boxes for the kids to complete. We got the pictures from a handout at the St. Augustine Lighthouse during Pirate Homeschool Days. Thanks to Donna, I was able to do the mini-book.  


Here is inside of the book. You can see the pocket where the Drake’s book is kept. Matthew didn’t like the plain pocket cover, so we scanned the map of Drake’s route around the world and glued that on. Matthew is proud of his work, even though he said this study was boring.


Here is the map that Matthew made using the map that Donna made. This map is available on Donna’s CD, Young Minds


This is the inside of the top flap. I am holding back two of the flaps of the compass. Under each flap is a bit of history on the compass. Below that to the left is information on the History of the Pirate Flag and to the right of that is a set of cards we made and lamenated. On the back of each card is information on the ship. These are kept in that blue pocket.

I have a picture of the front of the book, but I am not going to post it. I think I posted enough.  Anyhoo, it has the word PIRATE at the top and below that is a ship Matthew colored.

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