There is a very good article about television on ~*~Cherish the Home~*~: Television  .

3 responses to “Television

  1. I went and read her post about that….wow!!! My parents are under “remote control”….

  2. Thank you so much for this article. I remember at convention I was so jazzed to read to my kids and I did for awhile but I’m got out of the habit. I want to start this up again and I loved the article on TV. It’s so weird because I’ve been writing in my journal for 2 days about being convicted about my TV watching. I may post on it soon if I can get my thoughts together.
    Thanks again applie(((hugs)))

  3. Even though I carefully screen what my children watch, they still watch too much. I need to keep the tv off during the day. Which is not so hard with my kids. When the small one is doing school he likes having classical music on.

    Thanks for the link, I really like that blog.

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