Thoughts on crochet

I have had crocheting on my mind lately.  I would like to expand my collection of my favorite crochet hook.  They are made by Aero and are very smooth.  They glide easily through the yarn.  Unfortunatly I can’t walk into a local shop and buy them.   😦   I found a place, Crochet-Knit  on the internet that sells them and I may order the set.  These hooks also do not have the US size convertions on them.   I found a conversion chart on line at Yarn Forward that will help me.

 I am also wanting to expand my experiences with different yarns.  For my birthday my MIL gave me a gift certificate to Michael’s.  I went there determined to get some yarn I hadn’t tried before, so…. I picked out four patterns, believing that I would be able to find something there to work with.  Boy, was I wrong!   I found nothing worth getting and the only yarn that I was able to use would have cost me over $60.00 to make a sweater.  I decided to keep my gift certificate until something went on sale.  I know Michael’s is not the greatest place to get good yarns, but that is where the gift is from. 

Now that soccer season has begun, I may not have the time to crochet as much as I would like.  *sigh*

18 responses to “Thoughts on crochet

  1. Different yarns go a long way to make your project what you want it to be. I use very soft yarn for booties, and more sturdy but still soft yarn for scarves. And the right hook makes a difference. But don’t tell my husband, he’s always saying, “The right tool for the right job.” He just doesn’t see a crochet hook as a tool, but it is!

  2. I can’t bear to buy yarn from Michael’s unless it’s for a kiddy fun fur scarf or a dishcloth or something goobery like that. (Yes, goobery is a word.) Could you buy a pretty pattern book instead?

  3. Thanks Jennifer. I know what you mean by the right hook for the right job. My husband use to say they looked like weapons, when I opened my case. LOL

    Melanie, I was going to do that, but really is nothing there. I would really love to have the Crochet Encyclopedia. I am waiting on a sale from Michael’s. Maybe I can use something then. I really love shopping our our local yarn shop.

  4. I forgot to mention, that I thought of stocking up on knitting needles, but they had very few in stock and they were the worthless kind. I have been spoiled by really good hooks, so I know what to look for in a knitting needle…I think. Anyhoo, all they had in abundance was Susan Bates. I do not like Susan Bates.

  5. I don’t like Susan Bates, either. I have several pairs from when I was first learning to knit. My favorite knitting needles are Addi Turbos. 🙂

  6. I have seen the Addi Turbos at the local yarn shop. They are very nice. 🙂

  7. Applie, I understand. I have found that knitting is an expensive habit for me. I want to try using different yarns but it just costs so much money. I need to learn to crochet again. Everytime I look at my hooks I think about you.

  8. Well, I’m a Susan Bates hook fan here 😉

    I can see where we are different, Applie 😎 I love to crochet when my kids have activites. When they did karate I always took my crochet along (well when I didn’t have school stuff that took priority) and worked on it while they got sweaty 😆

    Now that I have the boy signed up for soccer for fun for 6 weeks I’ll be taking my crochet to his games and practices as well. If we do go to his basketball games this weekend I’ll take it there – it just helps the time go by so much faster. (((hugs)))

  9. Elaine, I also take my crocheting with me, but I don’t like to crochet outside, when it is very hot. When it is very nice out, like now, I will be walking around the soccer field getting exercise. 🙂

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