A Normal Contest for an Inferior Prize

Who can enter such contest:  All those rotten apples, all my nice new friends who have previously left nice comments on this blog, and my P31 friend who is too wise to waste time commenting on blogs (she knows who she is).

The Prize: A crocheted throw made with the infidel yarn, Red Heart Supersaver.  Totally man made with 100% acrylic.  Nasty stuff, but cheap. There are seven-by-five rows of grannie squares.  Each square is made with Ranch Red, Burgundy, and Claret.  It measures roughly 36″ x 50″. 

prize-1.jpg  Before edging. prize-2.jpg This is showing how I did the seams.  They are raised and gives the squares an individual boxed look.  Very stylish, if you ask me. 

prize-3.jpg Up close and personal.  You can see the three different colors of red here.  🙂

I realize that some of you do not like red.  That is a problem with your brain and you should speak to God about fixing it.  🙂   

Rules:  Contest opens now and ends on April 28th, 2007, at 7:30pm.  You must:  a) give your name in the comments to this post.  b)  tell why you deserve this inferior prize.  c) tell how wonderfully normal I am.  :mrgreen:

Bonus:  If you tell a personal embarrasing story, I might put your name in twice.  You can thank Melanie, Duckie, for this one.  😆

The Winner’s name will be picked from a hat by one of my normal girls (see photo below).  I will announce the winner Saturday night or I might wait and make you suffer until Sunday night.  😀

Let the game begin!


31 responses to “A Normal Contest for an Inferior Prize

  1. Well, I’ll begin:
    I am Elaine, AKA – AKHomemom

    Personally I do not have a problem with red at all. I’ll honestly admit that blue is my favorite color but being a good American I am also fond of red, doesn’t every good American? I would think that not liking red is up there with being a Tory 😳

    Normal people, such as our own Applie, like the primary colors that God gave us. Applie is also normal because she likes the heat of Florida but also likes snow – all those who do not like snow can’t possibly be normal.

    Of course normality also is equivilant to having had a crush on Donny Osmond in childhood. Of course only the very blessed get to marry a look alike. 😎

  2. a) give your name in the comments to this post.


    b) tell why you deserve this inferior prize.

    Because, for one, the center of each square is the color of our roses on our new Mister Lincoln rosebush. Two is that I would treasure it beyond words. And, three, I think my cat, Sammy, would look awfully cute snuggled up on it, whilst it is beautifully draped over my favorite chair and I would take pictures of that. Four is that I love red. It’s one of those autumny colors that are so beautiful to me. And, finally, four, I would have enjoy taking lots of pictures of it in different settings. :mrgreen:

    c) tell how wonderfully normal I am

    You are wonderfully normal because…. Tee hee hee… you are a homo sapien, you walk, you talk, you crochet (better than anyone I know), and, well, you are wonderful.

    Okay, embarassing story. 😆

    How about at my highschool graduation when I couldn’t stop crying because I was so overwhelmed with the moment and my face was blotchy and I couldn’t find a Kleenex and I was a blubbering fool out of myself.

    That’s the best one I could type here. 😆 Any other embarassing moments have to do with bodily functions during labor and crass things like that. You wouldn’t want me to type that, now would you? 😆

    Hugs! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
    (Still praying for your ((family))).

  3. I’m chocolatechic.

    What a lovely, albeit infidel, afghan!

    You already know all my embarrassing stories…

  4. CC, I noticed you didn’t say how wonderfully normal I am. 😆

  5. I am Duckie. I mean, I am Melanie. I deserve the infidel afghan because I am nearly as normal as Applie. She said it herself, and she can’t take it back. 😀 I also deserve it because my nearly normal children are very hard on textiles and winning this afghan would save me from having to crochet my own to supplement their fort materials.

    Applie is as wonderfully normal as normal can be, and I will not hear otherwise. Who but a completely normal woman could be the mother of such completely normal girls?

    I am never embarrassed.

  6. I’m Donna, that is my real name. 😀

    I don’t deserve your lovely handiwork, but it’d be cool to have one of the things that you have made. I like red very much, my couch is navy with red, so it would look nice in my living room. 🙂

    You are the most normal person that I know but have never met in person. :mrgreen:

    Your girls look cute and the little doll too! 😆

  7. This is just a reminder. Tomorrow is No-E-Day, so all comments made tomorrow will be posted Tuesday morning. 🙂

    I’ll check again tonight to post any comments.

    This is fun!

  8. My name is Tressa. 🙂

    I think that I should win this prize because all of my afghans have been made by people that I love and not by me. I like it that way. I don’t have a red one, either.

    I know that Applie is normal. I am pretty sure only a normal person would make smilie faces and then make her un-normal friends take a picture with them.

    My embarrassing story. One day, when my daughter was very young, I was standing at the bank “window” taking care of some deposits. I was wearing a denim dress. Someone in the very long line was smiling at her and embarrassed her causing her to take my dress and put it over her head, causing everyone in the very long line to get a nice glimpse at my panties. Yes, I still love her.

  9. Tressa! You just made me spit on myself! LOL

  10. Yep, Tressa gets her name in there twice! 😆

    I didn’t wear dresses to church for several years because the kids would crawl on my and pull up my skirt to show my panties. Or I would be wearing an elastic waiste skirt and they would some how pull it down. LOL

  11. **CC, I noticed you didn’t say how wonderfully normal I am. :lol:**

    That is because I know you! bwahahahahha

    Seriously, you are as normal as they come….just like me!

  12. I can’t enter this contest… I am not so sure Applie is normal! HA!

    Red is my favorite color…. however after living in Alaska for a very long time, my blanket collection is a tad on the hefty side for my new life in Florida….. I think Tanya’s dd is most in need of a new blankie…. if she wears two shirts when it’s 84′!

  13. A) my name is Marlyn aka lovingewe
    B) I deserve this afghan because it will go very well with my husbands red and burgandy hockey jerseys that are currently drying out weekly in the house. There would be something else to add to the colour decor of my relitive blue and white room!
    C) Applie must be normal in my eyes because I keep coming back to this blog to see what her next move or motivation in life is.
    D) My embarrasing story was when my eldest was about 10 years old we were double riding my bike. I know have been told 100 times by my folks never to double ride. I was steering & peddling he was on the seat. The Bike split in two. I stood on the pavement with the handle bars and he went uni-cycling past me.

  14. Silly girl……….she didn’t take them off, even when we were out sitting in the sunshine…..and sweat was beginning to trickle down my neck….. 🙄

  15. You must: a) give your name
    Kristy (MNKristy from DY Forums)

    b) tell why you deserve this inferior prize.
    Because I have been lurking and reading your blog for months now and loving it. You make me smile. I should be rewarded for my dedication and admiration for you.

    c) tell how wonderfully normal I am. :mrgreen:
    I think you are wonderfully normal. In fact, I have to question what is really going on in that little town of yours. All the wives seem a little too perfect. I have seen pictures of you with that apron and pearls. And that phoney plastic looking smile on your face. I think that your husband has done something to you. I think that you are really a robot disguised as Applie.

    Bonus: If you tell a personal embarrasing story, I might put your name in twice.

    When my sons were younger, we went to the beach one day. As I was putting all of our stuff down and getting organized, my youngest, who could not swim, headed straight for the water. In a panic, I started running after him and went to pull off my shorts that were over my bathing suit when suddenly I realized that I had no shorts on over my bathing suit. Those were my bathing suit bottoms. I mooned all those around me in all my glory. It was quite a sight to behold!

  16. Michelle,

    I am writing to comply with part c) — you are not only wonderfully normal, you are wonderfully hilarious!

    I wish I could enter the contest. I personally do like red, but my husband will get a migraine from looking at all that color. So… I will be waiting to congratulate the person who does win the prize!

    Love, Wardeh

  17. Ok, you all are just too funny. Is the contest still open? Ok, that was my embarassing moment I really need to pay attention but, that beautiful afghan caught me off guard.

    Even if it isn’t I just absolutely need to reply.

    My name is Bobbie.

    My absolute favorite color is red. That is a beautiful afghan and I would adore it and take great care of it.

    You are the normalist person I know. It gives me pride to see the way you have kept your normalness in this crazy crazy world. You are one to look up to. I myself could never achieve that because well, everyone knows I am off my rocker.

    Embarassing story????
    I have to many of them. Well, let me tell you one about recent. I was talking to a father at school about volunteering for an event. I guess he was flirting with me, but, well, I was just too oblivious to notice. My lovely children. Started talking loudly when he was leaving. they were yelling, mommy, I am telling Mike he was flirting with you. I tell ya, I turned about as red as that afghan. Needless to say he isn’t voluntering I think it embarassed him also.

    Thanks for the entertainment everyone. I love the stories.

  18. a) My name is Mary

    b) I deserve this inferior prize, because I absolutely love crocheted, well, ~ anything~
    I also love primary colors and red is as primary as it gets.

    c) Applie is wonderfully normal; anyone can determine this simply by looking at the picture of her of her wonderfully normal offspring.

  19. Hey Mary, glad to see you put your name in here. I was going to email you tomorrow, if you hadn’t signed up yet.

    Saturday night is coming soon! WooHoo, I wonder who the winner will be?

    Because I know all of my embarassing stories, I have my own name in the hat 1,000 times. :mrgreen: Haha, just kidding. My name is not in there.

  20. The contest ends today………can’t wait to see who wins.

  21. Me too, CC. It is going to be fun. So far I have names for one P31 Friend (and not the one I mentioned above LOL), two nice new friends and nine rotten apples in the hat. 🙂

  22. Well, my name is Jessica and I just want to say that I can’t believe I almost missed out on this wonder contest given by the most wonderful, beautiful, best June Cleaver imitator, mother of such wonderful children and last, but certainly not least she is so normal that is just makes everyone else want to be as normal as she is.
    Oh, I forgot to mention that I LOVE red.

  23. Kelley

    I deserve the inferior blanket bc only somebody inferior would enter a contest after the winnings have already been mailed out.

    Normal? Applie? I have never heard of such a tale. She is the dehydrator lady and that is superior.

    Embarrassing? It had to be sometime BC (before children) and I cannot remember that far very well.

  24. Kelley, I wish I had winnings for everyone. The sad embarrassing part for me, is I haven’t sent it out yet. The girls used the box to mail it in, for a boat. I am going to see if I can tape it up.

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