14 responses to “Hint

  1. Is it a pot holder? Was that one of the debunked guesses? I do like the color, even if it is infidel yarn. LOL

  2. I can’t tell how big that granny square is. Is it a pincushion?

    I like the color too.

  3. Is it a poncho ?
    One piece of a poncho!

  4. I’m still using the laptop, I love this and can’t wait to get my own 😆 the colors aren’t showing very well on this screen but it looks like shades of burgundy to me.

    That is a granny square so possibly you are making an afghan as the prize or maybe a poncho.

  5. Elaine guessed it. It is an afghan, but a small one. 😀

    I am just about finished with the trim. There are three shades of red in each square. I’ll have the hubby download a picture for me tonight, so we can get this thing rolling. 🙂

    Now, I need to figure out the contest. What shall I make ya’ll do in order to get your name in the hat?

  6. So do I get a prize for guessing correctly what you are making? 😕

  7. Um…no.

    I was thinking, Elaine, if you won this contest, you could use the blanket as a saddle blanket for your elephant rides. :mrgreen:

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