Mom: Hey kids, what granola bar do you want in your lunch box? We have chocolate, peanutbutter and s’mores?

M,S, & J: Chocolate, peanutbutter, chocolate!

R: I want a moron.

Kids: MORON! It isn’t moron, it is s’mores.

R: What? It is the same thing.

Mom: No, R. it isn’t.

Later after the dad has heard the story. “Wife, can I have a moron or are they saved for the kids snacks?”

6 responses to “Moron?

  1. Out of the mouths of babes. 😆

  2. Got to love it!
    I had one what couldn’t say Yogurt. Always said “ogly”???? Twenty some years later we still call it “ogly”!

    Family normal? What family is?

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