Lunch time conversation

 My girls love to give the thumbs up sign when something is great and thumbs down when it is not. 

 During lunch:

7yo, “Cheese Crackers are  (she shows thumbs up)”

5yo, “No they are (thumbs up)”

7yo, “M&Ms are (thumbs up).”

5yo, “yeah (thumbs up). ”

mom decides to enter conversation

Mom, “Froglegs are  (shows thumbs up).”

7yo, ” Nooooo, they are (shows thumbs down and slowly sends thumb to the floor) eeeeerrrrrrrrr (airplane noise)”

5yo, “Yeah, they go all the way to hell. Anything we like is thumbs up and anything we don’t like goes straight to hell.”

7yo and 9yo, (shake heads in total agreement).

Mom is   . So mom calls dad and asks, “Have you been talking to the girls about hell?” No he says, but mom still wonders.

3 responses to “Lunch time conversation

  1. This story cracks me up to no end!

  2. LOL Your kids are hysterical. I think I would enjoy just watching and listening to them for a few hours.

  3. That is so funny! Where do they come up with this stuff? Good thing you are writing it down.

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