Bearded Dragons

We call our son Tile Child, which comes from him loving reptiles.  For Christmas 2006 we decided to bless him with two, not one, but two Bearded Dragons.  He picked out the two he wanted at a reptile store near here.   They were just a few weeks old.  Aren’t they cute?  At this age we can not tell if they are boy or girl dragons.  He named them Bob and Pancake.  I don’t know why.


They grew quickly and ate around 15 crickets each, a day.  That got costly.  Anyhoo, as they got older, we would take them out to play with them.  Here is one having a nice view of my son’s room.  Notice the other one is in the husband’s hand.


As the year went on, we discovered they really don’t have much of a brain.  When one of them got hurt, we had to take him to the vet.  It was Bob, and he would close his eyes in denial.   Both of them would run around the cage until they just stopped and fall asleep.  Most of the time it was while they were trying to climb out of the cage (huge fish tank), so they slept standing up on their hind legs, up against the glass. 

Just last month we found out how really stupid they are.  Pancake decided he was a boy and Bob was a girl, so they…. you know.  At this time, my son knew what was going on, so he turned off his light at 8:00pm and went to bed! He never goes to bed at 8:00pm.   He didn’t want to know, he was in denial.  LOL

Here comes the really stupid part.  The other night, Bob decides to start digging.  Well Bob gets stuck in the hole of his rock house.  Notice his eyes.  If he can’t see he is stuck in a hole, then he is not stuck in a hole.

bob-stuck-1.jpg    bob-stuck-2.jpg

See the big belly on Bob.  We should have known what was going to happen.  The next morning this is what we found.


See Bob is a girl!

We didn’t know what to do.  Bob buries the eggs in the sand and we go to visit the reptile store.  They said we needed to buy some stuff to put the eggs in, but they were probably too dry.  The sand dries them out very quickly.  Sure enough, they are dry.  Take a look a them.

bob-eggs-1.jpg See how they are dimpled?  They are dry.  So, we threw them out.  The lady at the reptile stored said usually the first batch isn’t very good.

Later I asked Matthew if Bob was ok, now that the eggs are gone.  He told me that Bearded Dragons forget they have eggs, once they bury them.  Told you, they have very little brains.

Here is one last shot of Bob.  He is on Matthew.  Notice Matthew’s attitude?  He hates to have his picture taken and I forced him to this time.  I’m surprised his eyes aren’t closed.



To learn more about Bearded Dragons go here.

Because of the busy weekend, we did not have a Family Night.  😦    So, I’ll have to give a report on a game next week.  Hope all of you have a wonderful day.  Remember this is a No-E-Day for us, so all comments will be posted on Tuesday.  🙂


13 responses to “Bearded Dragons

  1. Bob the Bearded Lady Dragon, brainless but beautiful. 😆 I guess.
    Cool pics….especially of the boy. 😀

  2. Very cool pictures! I can’t get over how much Matthew looks like his dad! Are you going to try for more babies?

  3. I just have to say that your son is very handsome. A lovely mix of June and Ward!!!

  4. I believe that the small brain situation to pretty typical of reptiles, or maybe that’s just my wishful thinking brought on my my dislike of said creatures. :shudder:

    Maybe next time the eggs will be good and you’ll know in advance so that you can be prepared to incubate the eggs and maybe recoupe some of the money you’ve put into these critters. Or at least begin a college fund for Tile Child. 😆

  5. It was nice to see a picture of Matthew. Haven’t seen one in a long time!

    Good luck with your next batch of eggs. 🙂

  6. Oh Michelle! 😆 I love it! I had my girlies come over so they could have a science lesson in Bearded Dragons. :mrgreen: Hey, I had lesson, too. 😆

    That would be a hoot if I could get a picture of my photo-taking sink antics, huh?

    Your comments are so sweet, Miss Applie. I appreciate you so very much. (((hugs)))

  7. It is good that they are stupid because if they were not they could break out of their glass house and cause Bearded Dragon Chaos! Need I say more? O_O;;

    Neat pictures. 🙂 The one of the stuck Bobeete’s belly is funny looking. lol

  8. My boys want one of those now….very cool pictures!!!

  9. Those are some awesome names! Bob and Pancake are a beautiful couple; I wish them better luck next time.

  10. my name is Jay. i had a bearded dragon for about 4 years. had him(Sonnie) sence he was a baby maybe 3-4 weeks old. he got very big, fed him feeder mice. wanted to breed hi but he died before i could find him a mate. im interested in your future babies and would like one if possible.

  11. Brains grow and develop based on the stimuli provided for the animal. If you are keeping a captive bearded dragon, just as if you have a child, you must provide sufficient stimulation to the brain in order for your bearded dragon, or child, to not turn out dumb. The proper activities and foods are essential in maintaining a healthy brain. Also, you never need to talk to a bearded dragon. They do not respond to voices usually. So try only using body language and actions to communicate with your dragon, and also think of some situations they might encounter in the wild and maybe try to recreate those in order to get their brain going. Assuming they are dumb is negative thinking, and it leads me to believe that you yourself have been called dumb in your life. Anytime someone calls someone else, or something else dumb, it is a form of bullying, a very basic way of boosting your own ego by insulting something else. You are probably not as dumb as most people assume, and your beardie is not dumb either. Life is beautiful and diverse, appreciate it with positive energy, and it will appreciate you back.

    • Stanley,

      1. If you will notice in the photo, we have taken both dragons out. They roam around free in the room and we play with them. That is stimuli and what you call body language.
      2. You will also notice in the post, I mentioned we feed them live crickets and various veggies. That is proper food.
      3. We also talk to the dragons. Yes they hear us. We know this because they turn their heads towards us when we speak. That is stimuli.
      4. If you believe they don’t hear well, then you must be aware that they don’t read well either. Actually their small brains can’t read at all. So they have no idea that we are calling them dumb or even typing a post about them. They have no clue.
      5. The rest of your statement is just plain stupid and I don’t need to reply to it.

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