We’re not kids!

This conversation happened several years ago.   For some reason I have always said to my childen, “Hey guys!……”.

 On one particular day, I decided to say something else.

Mom, “Hey kids!  Come down to dinner.”

No. 2 daughter (age 5 then),  “We are not kids. We’re guys!”

It was at that moment I realized I had totally confused my girls. 


5 responses to “We’re not kids!

  1. That is too funny. When I acquired my step-son, I was used to yelling hey girls to come eat or whatever, well, Timmy would never come when I called. I used to get so mad because he wouldn’t come and I thought he was being just plain obstinate and not wanting to listen to me, well, one day I had the bright idea to have a talk with him. I asked him why he didn’t come when I called everyone. He said: ” You never call me just the girls.” Major oversight on my part. But, when it is habit…..

    So, now, I call them with hey peoples come eat. lol.

  2. That is so cute, Applie 😆

  3. Forgot to say that I miss the apples at the top. 😦

  4. 😆 TOO cute, Miss Applie. :mrgreen:

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