The Tilley Hat

disney-2.jpg Back in July of 2006, the husband decided to splurge and buy himself a Tilley Hat.  It was a Lighterweight T3 .   I did not get myself one because at the price of $66.00; I thought that was too much.    The husband wore that hat whenever we were outside.  He never lost it in a good breeze, it covered his face, and he looks really good in it too.  😀

After walking around Disney, taking the girls to soccer practice in the hot sun, and hiking I decided I needed a Tilley hat.   There is no shade at the soccer park or at the beach, or at Disney, or in some hiking areas, or in most parts of Florida,  so getting a hat was a good thing.  I saved my pennies for a long, long time and I found a nice little coupon in the Entertainer coupon book.  I purchased my hat at Wild Birds Unlimited, with a 25%  off coupon.   Yay!


My Tilley hat is also a Lighterweight, size 7 1/4 inches, but in natural with green underbrim.  Am I not stylish?

Some good things about a Tilley hat:

  • Guaranteed for life
  • Insured against loss
  • Excellent sun protection  UPF 50+
  • Repels rain
  • Ties on in the wind
  • Machine washable (won`t shrink)

When you get the hat, it comes with an Owner’s Manual.  LOL    Besides telling you how to care for your Tilley hat, it gives you some interesting stories from customers.  My favorite is about an elephant eating the hat (several times) off the head of the trainer.  After it, uh, passes the trainer picks up the hat and gives it a good wash and places it back on his head.  Can’t tell where it has been, which is a very good thing.

I don’t have an exciting story as that, but I can say that my Tilley hat stayed on my head during the Thunder Mountain rollercoaster ride and kept my head dry during Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom.    It also looked great on me while I danced with Dean.   😀

Do you have a favorite hat?

6 responses to “The Tilley Hat

  1. No, hats crush the hair that I work so hard to make pretty. I am vain. It is a fault, but I do own up to it!

  2. That is just wrong…. the elephant guy…. totally wrong! Maybe he should use the wind proof string!

  3. Right now the DD and I are into bandana tied over our hair. We have pink, purple, navy, red, and yellow bandanas. Often we want to wear the same one 😆

    The Tilly sounds like a good hat, and I… met the Elephant tilly hat guy when we lived overseas. Honest truth! I was 13 and thought it was the worst thing I had ever heard!

  4. I like your hat; it looks nice on you. 🙂 The elephant trainer’s hat story is a good one! 😀

    I suppose my favorite hat is the one I wear outside in the garden. 🙂

  5. I am not sure I would put the hat back on my head after an elephant passing it. BUT, if it was really $60 I suppose I might. It looks really nice on you!

  6. Those look like great hats. I found that there are two stores in Anchorage that sell these that I am likely to go to. I may have to see what they sell them for.

    You both look great in your TillyHats.

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