Mud Dauber

Mud dauber (or “dirt dauber” in the southern U.S.) is a name commonly applied to a number of wasps from either the family  Sphecidae or  Crabronidae that build their nests from mud.

These are usually found on our porch ceiling.  Nasty homes, that are very hard to clean.   Even though the Mud Dauber looks like a wasp, it is harmless.  Does not sting.

Below you will find a photo of what is inside a Mud Dauber’s home.  I had been watching a very busy Mud Dauber on my front porch one day, and I decided I had to see what was inside.  I knocked down the home into a plastic ziplock bag.  While it was in there, one of the eggs hatched!  It was exciting to see.

The top yellow is an underdeveloped Mud Dauber.  Next is a spider used to feed the larva, which you can see at the bottom of the photo.  The brown tube is a cocoon.


For more information go to:

Commond Mud Dauber This site gives you a detail journal of the development of the wasp larva.  Loads of wonderful pictures.  Much better than mine. )

Texas Cooperative Extension Not too much information here.  I tried to find something in Florida, but couldn’t.

4 responses to “Mud Dauber

  1. It is a good thing I haven’t eaten yet….

  2. I really admire the dirt dauber’s moxie. Of course I don’t admire them so much while they repeatedly build mud rows on my white storm door. I knock them down, they rebuild. We repeat this ballet each year.

    I do appreciate how they are designed to do what they do and how they are able to catch live spiders from their webs and paralyze them to place in the cells to be eaten alive later by the young dirt dauber. Reading that story is creepier than any made up horror story.

  3. Well, since I don’t like spiders or most bugs/insects for that matter I won’t be checking out your links. 😛 However I do love coming here because I can count on learning something new each and every time. 😆

    Haven’t seen any of those daubers up here. :phew:

  4. Elaine, be glad you didn’t click the links. 😯 ::insert barfy emoticon here::

    Thanks for the lesson, Applie! I think. 😳

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