Here is Louise and Clark.  We adopted these Ball Pythons last year.  Their original names were Earth and Worm (lol).  We think their ages are between 10 and 12 years old.   Louise is 5 feet long and Clark is 4 feet long. 

snakes-1.JPG Aren’t they cute?

This is Clark squeezing a small rat we bought at the reptile store.  We place the rat in a seperate feeding container and then wash our hands (don’t want the snake smelling dinner on us), then we place the snake in.  My son set a timer for each snake and they are done in less than 15 minutes.


Next the snake eats his dinner, head first. 


Almost gone. 🙂  Can you see how large the jaws get to swallow the rat?  These are small rats, body measures about 4 inches.


For more information on Ball Pythons visit here and here and here.

7 responses to “Ssssnakesss

  1. Now this is cool!!!

    Snakes I can do….8 legged critters …ugh..rather not.

    Wow….the kids will like this.

  2. Those are good photos. 🙂 Good information too, especially about washing the hands so the snake won’t smell dinner on you. That snakes are made to eat things larger than their head has always interested me. 🙂

  3. Donna said, “That snakes are made to eat things larger than their head has always interested me. ”

    It’s kind of like a teenage boy eating. 😆

  4. I don’t mind seeing this since it isn’t in my home. There won’t be any here as long as I’m alive. Yes it is much like teenage boys. 😆

  5. An apt comparison 😆

  6. The daughter said ” 😯 those live in her home? I’m not visiting Miss. Applie.”

  7. 😆 Sure she can visit. She can even hold them. They are very soft and don’t bite. Really!

    Our violin teacher’s son has invited himself over to visit the creatures. 😆 His mom has arranged to have #1 dd’s lessons here, so that her son can play with the snakes.

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