Carpenter Ants

We have these lovely creatures in our home and outside.  Just today I opened the mail box and they had built a nest inside mailbox.     When the light hit them, they scattered taking all their little eggs.    Hubby said to leave the mailbox open and he will take care of them when he can.  Our mailbox is a large brick one, so I am guessing they building a huge next inside the brick area and under the box.  blah

For your education and entertainment, you can find more information here.

16 responses to “Carpenter Ants

  1. eww eww eww

    Death to all creepie crawlies!!!

  2. We have carpenter ants wandering around in the house every spring and summer. I hate them that they are so big. But at least they aren’t into food. That’s way worse… Hoping you get rid of them. So far, we just ignore ours.

    Love, Wardeh

  3. In your mailbox too? ugh 😦

    A neighbor had those in their house a long time ago. Years later, they moved to the other side of town, built a new house and shortly after that, found them in their new house!

  4. Donna, sounds like the ants traveled with them. 😛

    Applie, tell your hubby to do what mine does – yours will be able to do this when he’s feeling better and it is highly effective – get out that propane torch and walk around the outside of the house with it. When he spots an ant he needs to follow it back to the nest. When the nest has been located release the propane into the nest then a short bust of flame and you’ll have roasted ants. 👿

    My hubby and I did battle w/these little buggers 2-3 years ago and we won that battle. He did have to pull back the siding to gas some of them and he followed them to their nest. He did also put poison into the nest as well but we had to be careful as the next was in the back yard where our dogs run around. We were agressive because they had gotten inside and we also found them all over the back of the house.

    This gave me night mares for a few nights. But we’ve not had them come back inside. They are working on a tree stump in the yard though and are welcome to it just not the house.

  5. They are cool little critters but inside your mailbox? Gross. I wonder, does the mailman still deliver?

    Donna, that is crazy! I think would I start to feel a little at a loss if that happened to me!

  6. We have them too. As long as they don’t carry off with a kid, we put up with them.

  7. Great picture of the ants! 😀


  8. We have carpenter ants up here too. They can really make a mess of things. As a kid, I remember my dad always spraying around the house. They can be little buggers. haha

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