A little green visitor!

Last weekend or so, my wonderful husband was grilling chicken on our back porch.  He came running in to tell us there was a Praying Mantis on our porch screen.  I immediately squealed with delight and ran out the door.  The girls yelled, “What is it!?”  And the young man said, “yuck”.   I don’t think he is my son.  There was a mistake at the hospital; I’m sure of it.

Anyhoo, we were able to get a few pictures.  Not great ones, though.  Isn’t she cute?  🙂

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 Below is a picture of her praying for Chocolatechic.    

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Heavenly Father, who made all CREATURES, please help Miss. CC understand that you made us all and we should all be loved.  We, Praying Mantises, love to eat the bad bugs like flies, moths, crickets, and other such yummy snacks.  I am getting hungry just thinking about them. smack-lick   Please tell her not to smash us anymore.  We will help control the bad insects at her house.   Amen

PS.  Don’t tell her we can lay up to 200 or more nymphs, that look just like the adults.  Or that we females eat the males after mating or about this.   We’ll just keep that a secret.  Ok?

Part two of this story.

10 responses to “A little green visitor!

  1. You. Are. A. Brat!!!


  2. No, CC does not want to see any of this at all. :surprise:

    I’m sure that Donna will love this though. 😉

  3. CC said, You. Are. A. Brat!!!

    What? What did I do?

  4. Very cool!

    My sister had a praying mantis fly up her nightgown when she was about 10. She did the most amazing “dance” we ever did see! It was hillarious!

  5. What? What did I do?

    Now you’ve gone and done it….and I don’t even know how to get you back. I WILL find a way.

  6. Oh my, impaling a hummingbird isn’t exactly a good way to win fans!

  7. Oh My Goodness…..I had no idea!!! I always liked praying mantis but i like hummingbirds better…I am not sure how I feel about that….Hmmmm CC…i might have to help you with this one….but Applie is such a critter person…I don’t think there is any way…..(…I can’t wait to show the kids….) I will have to let you know their reaction to such um…details.

    🙂 you are a very interesting women Applie….

  8. That is a great picture! Reminds me of the bug in that bug movie. I hope that CC will understand that she is a good bug. 🙂

  9. 😆 Aren’t they so cool?! I saw one once when I lived in some apartments as I was taking out the trash that was so big I thought I could have a conversation with it. It had to be nearly a foot tall. It was crazy.

    I hope you’ve been doing well. Things have been really different around here. Plus!! We are going to New York for two weeks in October. Wahoooo!

    Have a wonderful rest of your Monday. :mrgreen:

  10. Praying mantis’s are interesting (to me). I saw one on a window long long (way over 20 years) ago and it watched every move I made. It turned its head to watch me. I think it is pretty exciting to see one, I would have squealed with delight too. 🙂

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