A lunch time conversation

Today was the first time in the four Mondays we have been at co-op that I was able to sit alone with my son at lunch time.  I didn’t want this opportunity to pass so I started asking question about his classes.

Mom, “How was history class this morning?”

Son, “It is SOOOO boring!  I already know it all.”    

My son is a history nut, so this is probably true.

Mom, “So what did you talk about?”

Son, “We talked about Fredinand Magellan.  He was the first man to sail around the world.  He died half way around.”

Mom, “If he died half way around, then he didn’t make it all the way around.”

Son, “MOM!  He was the one who did all the navigation charts, so he gets the credits.  He started out with 270 men on four ships.  Only one ship and 18 men survived.  They were all very sick because they only had rats to eat.”

Mom, “SON! Not while I am eating.”

Son, “The teacher gave us hardtack.  She didn’t bake them for the late 3 hours of the cooking time, so they wouldn’t be as hard as they are suppose to be.”

Mom, “What did they taste like?”

Son, “Nothing”

Mom, “Did you like them?”

Son, “No, but when she brought them out, I asked her if she included the maggots.”

Mom, “SON!”

Son, “Did I ruin your lunch?”


4 responses to “A lunch time conversation

  1. LOL! Well….did she?

    I’d say your son has a very full perception & appreciation for history!

  2. 😆

    Maybe Son got even for CC!!

  3. No she didn’t, but said she would include gummy worms the next time she bakes them. LOL

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