An Applie Exclusive

On the night of September 15, 2007, at approximately 6:07pm, the owner of this establishment, exited his home and found

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 It was a shock to see.  Just days before this Praying Mantis was alive, vibrant, happy and carefree.   How could this have happened?  The police say it looks like an accident, but they are not ruling out insecticide.  They have already started their investigation.

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The first and only suspect is none other than Chocolatechic.  This suspect has been known to squash insects without a second thought to God’s creation. 

Update:  No investigation will be done, since Chocolatechic has confessed to this horrendous crime.  The proof is in her blog, which is now in evidence.  If convicted, she will spend 800 community hours studying Entomology. 

Here is one last look at this poor creature.  As you can see, the life is gone from her eyes.  Her life was cut short. 

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Was this an accident?  I think not.   The owner was quoted saying, “She didn’t have a prayer.”

Part one of this story.

19 responses to “An Applie Exclusive

  1. I see no photo’s…….there is no proof. I will plead whatever O.J. is pleading this time around.

  2. We have ways of getting proof.

  3. I’ll hire a good lawyer.

  4. You’re going to need one.

  5. I’ve got Robert Shapiro, Johnnie Cochran, F. Lee Bailey and Alan Dershowitz all in my hip pocket.

  6. Keep dreaming (lol), CC. They can’t help you. You are doomed to study Entomology. bwahahahaha

  7. LOL!! Judge Applie, your judgment so perfectly fits the crime!

    CC-next time you go all the way to Florida to stomp a bug….stop by and see me!

  8. Hee Hee! Funny.

    I’ll be siding with CC, though! I’m sorry your Praying Mantis is dead…but it is a bug!

  9. Poor bug! I can only imagine (can’t see the images) the horror of the last seconds of her life. Michelle, did you serve the invest-e-gators tea in your most serious apron?

    CC… I’m shocked!!! Shocked that you didn’t stop bye and say HI to me on your way to kill the bug.

  10. People Before Bugs!!!
    People Before Bugs!!!!
    People Before bugs!!!!!

    I agree w/CC – there is no proof, there are no pictures (just meaningless words).

    And have you seen what those creatures are capable of??? Those poor hummingbirds. 😦

  11. Yes, I served them tea. They needed the energy to find out who did this, but we all know who it was. Right, CC?

    Donna, why can’t you see the photos? Can everyone else see them?

  12. I think I fixed the problem. I could see the pictures, but all of you couldn’t. There must have been a dead bug in the program, placed there by CC. More proof that she is guilty.

  13. I see nothing, I hear nothing, I say nothing.

    ~~I can see the pictures now~~

  14. LOL at the words: Crime Scene on the image!

    Poor bug!

  15. Applie – A good investigator would find out the nature of the killing. This victim doesn’t look smashed or squashed. Do you know the actual age of said victim? You must find out the true cause of death to truly sentence CC. It could have been the end of the victims life span – do you know how long that life span is?

    Answers are needed and needed promptly. I demand that the investigation be reopened. A confession can be coersed (no, I’v enot looked up the spelling of this word but I’m sure you know what I mean – being that you are normal 😕 ) out of a suspect. She may be protecting someone …..God perhaps! :surprise:

  16. WAIT! Did you dust for fingerprints? How can you accuse CC without prints? What about DNA? Did she leave any behind???

  17. Perhaps CC has a calling card like the Scarlet Pimpernel. I imagine CC’s calling card could be the tag from a Hershey’s dark kiss.. meaning the kiss of death to all bugs. :mrgreen:

  18. Donna… did you know?

    oops… one read this….I am not typing this out….nope….not self-incrimination….nope! Not me!

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