Split Your World

This is a dangerous experiment and requires the use of goggles.  So, if your students are willing to venture into the dangers of this science lab, they’ll need goggles.

This experiment will help the student to learn the layers of the earth and it comes straight from Sumi.  She is the one who told me about this experiment.  She is from Africa.  She is very brave.  She can scare away lions just with two words… BE GONE!  Yep, it’s true.  Just ask her and Elaine.

Here is an x-ray of the results.   

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Pretty impressive, don’ t you think.  It’s amazing what you can do to the earth under certain conditions.  It looks alive, vibrate, exciting!  Everything God made is that way, you know.  Including you and me.  Ok, back to this exciting, once in a lifetime, never to be forgotten experiment.

What you’ll need besides goggles, a steady hand, and no fear of death….

  • Knife
  • Small Paperplate
  • Ferrero Rochers

First upwrap the outer layer of the Ferrero Rochers.  This is all the trash people leave on the earth.  It needs to be cleared to reveil the real thing beneath. Take the trash and throw it in the garbage.

Now with a steady hand, a slow beating heart, and determination, take the knife and carefully slice down the center of the earth.   LOOK OUT!  It might explode!       Never mind all is safe.  You were very brave and steady.  Congratulation on a slice well done. 

Now observe the inner parts of this amazing world.  You only get to see this once, so make the best of it.  The outer layer is the crust, then the mantel which is hard (except for the plastic rock), then comes the molten iron called the Outer Core.  Be careful not to touch it, because it is very hot!  You heard me.     Next comes the Elaine, un Chocoaltechic, uh rotten apples, the nut, I mean the Inner Core. It is solid and made of iron.  Oooo, solid iron.   Below is another picture of the innerds of our world.

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I think this photo should give me the Nobel Peace Prize.  Don’t you think so?

You will be happy to know that all of my students were able to perform this experiment with very little brain damage.  Here are the young ladies after splitting their worlds. 

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Look how happy they are to discover the conclusion of this experiment, is that our world is made of chocolate and nuts. 

I failed to mention that this experiment goes along with Apologia Physical Science, Module 6.  It is not in the book; just added material by me.  😀

Update:  Yes, the worlds were consumed. 🙂

Update again:  I might give the instructions on the photo above in a day or two.  I am trying to find out if you might mysteriously disappear, if I reveal too much. 

Split Your World X-Ray photo tutorial here.

14 responses to “Split Your World

  1. BRAVO!! This is the best use of Ferrero Rochers that I have ever seen, a horrible excuse for chocolate, if you ask me, but obviously a wonderful science lab.

  2. First off, thank you so much for mentioning me in your blog! I feel so honored to be mentioned with my sister Sumi! 😀

    I love the picture that opens your post here. Please let us know how you did that.

    I do hope that your students appreciate all that you went through in putting this experiment together for them. Did they eat the evidence?

    I will remember to do this experiment next year when we do the Physical Science course.

  3. Hopefully you allowed those poor girls to eat their experiment.

    Peace prize??? bwahahahaha….calling us all nuts and rotten apples…….doesn’t sound like peace to me!

    Sounds like your a brat! 🙂

  4. What a great use of the Ferrero Roche! I might have to pick some up so we can do this experiment. I really like your picture that you opened the post with. How did you do that?

  5. I loved reading this. Michelle, you are such a good story teller. 🙂 That last image is so cute, I can imagine why the girls look so happy.

    I know how you did your first image. That is a good use of the (******) tool. 😉 . I’m not spilling the beans on how you did it.

  6. Wow, I didn’t know this experiment was THAT cool. LOL.

    Those pics are awesome.

  7. I have never seen the Earth looking so tastey before :^D

  8. tessofthebellgrades

    If Al Gore can win a peace prize I am certain you can!

    Great experiment. I like the first pic too and wonder how you did it.

  9. I love the first picture!! I was sitting here looking at that and wondering how you did it. This was a cool experiment. The ones that you get to eat when your done are always the best…:-)

  10. Okay, you have cured me of wanting to teach a science class. Unlike you, I do not have nerves of steel. My hand would shake and all would be lost.

  11. I was wondering why you needed Ferrero Rocher candies for a science experiment. 😆 This is excellent!

    And about that Nobel Peace prize…You deserve it more than some other recent recipient who comes to mind. 😉 Then again, maybe you could combine my chocolate volcano experiment with your chocolate earth lesson and demonstrate the effects of Global Warming. ::snort::

  12. So when will we get to read how you took that picture??

  13. I’ll explain things later tonight or tomorrow, Elaine. Tresses, I have been racking my brain trying to think of ways I could use your chocolate experiment in the class. I guess I wasn’t thinking it was a volcano. We are doing weather for the next couple of weeks. I’ll have to look into putting Global Warming (LOL) in there some how. We’ll need goggles again, for sure.

  14. Applie, my experiment was really more about focusing the sun’s energy (using the magnifying glass to melt chocolate), but since I used Hershey’s Kisses, they looked like volcanoes when they caught fire. 😆 Surely you can work in chocolate on fire somewhere? 😆 😉

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