Split Your World Photo

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 Some  people have requested instructions on how I was able to get the photo of the X-Ray in the Split Your World post.  So, I am here to give instructions….But first….

You must keep these instructions to yourself.  This type of information could cause you bodily harm in the future or your body may even disappear…    Working with this equipment is very dangerous business.

As I have mentioned before, you need a steady hand, but you also need a good eye.  You’ll need to know just the right moment to take the x-ray.  A second before or even a second late can cause global chaos.

Set up your world as stated in the previous post and have a camera ready.  Take a towel and wipe away the sweat pouring down your face.  A slippery hand on the knife can be devastating.  Slice your world slowly and steadily.  Then if you are still in one piece, pick up your camera and take a photo using the macro lense.  Then go to the bathroom. You probably really need to go by now.  Next…

load the photo onto your computer.  

Bring the photo up in MS Paint.  That’s right MS Paint.  Problem with that?  Not all of us scientist can afford the high flutent PhotoShop.  Budget cuts, you know. 

Ok, back to Paint.  Bring up your new photo in Paint. 

Side note here: Hopefully you have properly disposed of your world by now.  You don’t know the trouble a split world just lying around, can cause.

Ok, let’s go back.  Now that you have the photo in Paint, look up to the tool bar.  See the word Image? Click on that.  Next scroll down and click on (are you sure you want to do this?  Really, really sure?)  Dry your sweat with the towel again.  Close your eyes and click on Invert Colors.  That’s it!  Open your eyes and see if you are still on earth.  If you are, then you did a great job.  If you are not, say hello to Jesus for me and then explain to Him why you split His world.  Don’t mention me, ok?  🙂

Scary stuff, messing with a split world and inverted colors.  I don’t know if I can do that again. 

3 responses to “Split Your World Photo

  1. You are a funny, funny woman, Applie!

    (we inverted the colors on the Mac…the boys were so thrilled they couldn’t wait to show Daddy their new computer trick)


  2. This is a wonderfully entertaining tutorial!! 😆

  3. Did you realize that you’ve managed to find a whole new career for yourself? After you’ve got your 4 kiddos edumacated you could begin earning an income by rewriting tutorials for the average person to use. 😀

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