Bread baking class.

A couple of weeks ago, I went with my P31 (Proverbs 31) friend,  to a bread baking class.  I wanted to go just to make sure my bread and my tortillas were coming out well.  I haven’t been able to compare them to anyone  else’s.  Who knows, mine could have been total flops and my family never knew it!   My P31 friend went because she got a new Bosch mixer and it is red.   She has been making breads very well, just not with a large mixer.  We often compare notes.  😀

Anyhoo, we get to the woman’s house.  She happens to be good friends with my P31 friend and our food co-op order queen.  Actually, she is also a P31 lady.  She has it so together.  She’s cute too.  Wait until you see pictures. 

We learn that the texture of the dough is the most important thing.  With breads you want the bowl of your mixer to come clean when kneading, but with tortillas you want the dough to be sticky.  My bread doughs have a mind of their own and come out however they want. 

Here is the first picture.  M.G. is showing us how the dough should be sticky for tortillas.  See how there is some dough stuck to the bowl?  That’s a good thing.  It is also a good thing that my tortillas have always come out like that.  😀

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Isn’t she cute?  Told you she was and she is a very Godly woman.  She is like Queen P31 woman.

Here are all the little tortilla dough balls ready to be shaped. 

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Here is M.G. demonstrating how to use the tortilla maker.  I have one just like it.  Very handy servant to have around.

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We all get a turn at using the tortilla maker.  There were 6 or 7 ladies there.  It was a wonderful surprise to find out that an old friend was going to be there also.  Here she is.  She might be a P31 lady also, but the judges are still out on that one.  Look at the holes in her tortilla!!  Shameful!! 

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I do have to say this about E.  She is the most energetic person I know.  She does say she is tired, but I don’t see it.  She woke up one morning last year and  told her hubby and three kids, “We don’t have enough kids.  Let’s go to Africa and adopt some.”  So, off they went and in six months they had three more children!  They are the cutest pumpkins too.  Anyhoo, a lazy person such as myself couldn’t do that.  I guess I should also say that she didn’t wake up one morning and say that.  They had prayed about it for years, but it did only take six months to get her kids.  Cool beans, if you ask me.

Now, here is my P31 friend.  Isn’t she beautiful?  Now take a look a that lovely tortilla.  A lot different than another person’s (above).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket  She is going to invite me over to her house after Thanksgiving, so I can play with her new Bosch mixer.  Did I tell you that it is redMine isn’t a Bosch and that is ok, but it isn’t red.  **sniff**

Here are two more pictures.  This first one is of M.G’s rolls.  She made these using the bread dough recipe.  Look how scrumptious they look.  This is after they rose and before baking.  I forgot to take a picture of them after they  baked.  Oh, they were really good.  Mine have never come out that light and fluffy, but I know what to do now.    yeah right!

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The next day, Tuesday,  I went into baking mode and made everything M.G. made.  Yep, I went nuts.  Here are my rolls.  They are just ok.  They are not light and fluffy.  They are a little over done on the bottom.  They were eaten by the girlies anyway, because they don’t know any better. LOL

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The next day was Wednesday and I take bread to church for dinner every Wednesday night.  That Wednesday I decided to use the exact same recipe M.G. did.  My loaves came out wonderfully!  I didn’t get to have any myself, but I could tell by the way they looked and how they sliced.  Very nice, if I do say so myself.   I was in MOPs that night and three women came up to me and asked if I made the bread.  I didn’t even know people knew I was bringing the bread.     Anyhoo, one said, “I just can’t get my bread to taste like yours.”  I told her to come over and I’ll show her what to do.   She hasn’t called me yet, but I do want to say this…

Pride comes before a fall.

Thursday, I make five loaves of bread and they were total flops. 

I should go back to M. G’s house for another season.

20 responses to “Bread baking class.

  1. How fun is that??? I have never thought to record everything I do with pictures on the internet! Of course I do use the photo albums because I was a Creative Memories consultantant for years!! Well, the memory of that evening brought tears to my eyes. Tonight I had over about 6 of my daughters friends so that we could make rolls and tortillas. One of the ladies from my last bread class came back over because her bread was still doing something funky. We used her bread machine this time and I think we solved the problem. Your words were very kind, Michelle, and I thank you for your encouragement. I am so thankful that I could be there to help you.

  2. They are all cute! And two of them wear blue!! Michelle, what fun you have visiting your friends, baking bread, comparing notes, mixers, mixer colors. 🙂

    It’s neat that the people in church are asking you about your bread. When someone brings great bread, that happens, and I had an idea that would happen to you when you started taking bread. You are famous for your bread now. 🙂

  3. Your rolls are, uh, were beautiful!

    Excellent post and what a great idea for a P31 woman’s get-together.

    So, are you going to share M.G’s secret?

  4. Oh how wonderful, dear Applie! :mrgreen:

    She looks like an excellent teacher. 😀

    I hope they turned out well!

  5. 😆 I thought what I was reading on the front page was the entire entry. *embarassed*

    You are a hoot! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. We want to make bread knots, too. Care to share the method to your madness?

    You have very sweet friends! 😀

  6. Ok, what are the tortilla rolls on the cookie sheet sitting in? It looks like oil? 😕

    The way I learned to make tortillas is to roll them by hand, it makes for some odd shapes but they’re still great.

  7. tessofthebellgrades

    Oh I miss bread, real bread, not this gluten free crumbly crud. My kiddies really miss my cheese and bacon rolls.

    Your bread rolls look lovely. Sounds like a wonderful day. (I had to snicker a little about the pride and falling…..boy have I been there!)

  8. I think I need to take M.G.’s bread class. My bread never comes out light and fluffy. It is tasty, just not light and fluffy…
    What recipe is M.G. using?

  9. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. I will try to put up a picture tutorial of what M.G. did, but it won’t be until after Thanksgiving. 🙂

  10. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. I will try to put up a picture tutorial of what M.G. did, but it won’t be until after Thanksgiving. 🙂 ]]>

  11. I guess I can allow you to wait until after Thanksgiving but don’t let it slide till Christmas. I’ll be watching… after all, I live the closest to the big guy (Santa 😆 ) and I’ll let him know that you’re being naughty if you don’t get this tutorial up pretty quickly.

    I wasn’t able to take the class offered by one of the ladies at my church last spring on grinding wheat, making bread dough and then baking bread. Don’t remember why but I heard that everyone loved the class.

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