My New Toaster Oven

After having a tiny little toaster/oven that only slightly toasted the center of two slices of bread, on the second Sunday of the third month, and only on the top, we decided to invest in a new toaster oven.  I had a few requirements.  It had to be big enough to toast at least four slices of my homemade bread, toast evenly top and bottom, actually toast the whole slice of bread, and it had to be big enough to bake six muffins. 

 What I found was a Kitchenaid Toaster/Oven.  Not only will it toast four slices, but they are evenly toasted.  Ok, ok, they are burned.  I haven’t figured out the exact settings yet.   And get this it is also big enough to bake six muffins.  WooHoo!!


The reason I really love this toaster/oven is because it can actually burn  toast six slices of my homemade bread. Yes, you heard me…SIX


It isn’t that I can bake six muffins, warm up several slices of pizzas, or toast a big waffle (homemade of course).  Nope those are not the reason I love this machine.  It is because…

It is RED!


I actually think it works better because it is red.  😀


14 responses to “My New Toaster Oven

  1. tessofthebellgrades

    Applie, I am a red junkie too! My kitchen is full of red appliances. (All my saucepans, mixing bowls, tins etc all red.)

    You just made me green with envy. I love that toaster oven.

  2. Very Nice!

    I’ve been looking at toaster ovens with a little desire. Right now I don’t own one.

    I think my kitchen purchase will be to some how make my huge fridge fit into the space intended for it. Then I can use the door on the side of our house and such. That will likely mean purchasing a new fridge and selling the old one.

  3. When I was first married, I tried cooking steak in my toaster oven…it was not pretty! 🙂 Enjoy your toaster oven, it looks beautiful! Love, Karen T.

  4. Wow…….. that is really an amazing piece of kitchen machinery. I would looooove to have a toaster oven.

  5. You did well Michelle! That is a functional and nice looking appliance; it pays to have requirements. 😉

  6. I would love such a slave as yours but first I need a larger kitchen so that I will have space for it as well as the slaves that I already own.!!!

  7. I would have to agree. Red appliances do work much better.

  8. Lovely, indeed. I’ve always wanted a toaster oven vs. a regular toaster. At least my regular toaster is red.

  9. What a beautiful toaster oven. I don’t have one, but I think you have sold me on the many benefits. And red, even better.

  10. Ohhhh, my favorite color. lol

    Enjoy playing with it and figuring it all out.

  11. Very lovely! I don’t have a toaster oven which my sister feels is shocking.

    It is shocking. LOL

  12. Just last month I bought my first ever toaster oven! :mrgreen:

    Yours is mighty perdy, Mizz Applie. 😀

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