Measuring Volume of Irregularly Shaped Objects

Here is another experiment that was done by one of my Physical Science students.  This was done when we did not have any experiments to do for module 13.  🙂

This young man decided to do Experiment with Fluids.

He brought an 8oz bottle of cold medicine, a can to fill with water, and a large bowl to catch the over flow.


He then placed the small bottle into the completely filled can of water. After that he removed the can with the medicine bottle and measured the amount of water that was in the bowl.


The amount of water that was left in the bowl was only 4oz; therefore, this experiment did not work.  This young man didn’t want to repeat this again, so we all decided it was scientific error.  🙂    But we did learn a few facts during this experiment, that two other young men decided it was necessary for us to know.

1.  You are considered legally drunk after taking only two doses of this medicine.  We learned this from a young man not in my class, but wanted to watch the experiment.  🙂  He learned this bit of fact from his Life Management class at the co-op.

2.  Archimedes, 3rd century mathematician, discovered Water Displacement when he was taking a bath.  He was so excited about his discovery that he ran out of the public baths naked.  Yep, ran down the street to see the king, in his birthday suit.   We learned this bit of fact from my son, who is a history nut.  You can read about this story here.

Now you know. 😀

5 responses to “Measuring Volume of Irregularly Shaped Objects

  1. Funny guy that Archimedes. I guess back then running naked from a public bath wasn’t a big deal. lol
    I remember learning about that story when I was a little girl. I think I read it in a story book (not at school). There was drawing of a man sitting in a tub of water holding crowns and such.

    I use a backward variation of the volume experiment to measure shortening for cooking. I don’t use shortening anymore, so I haven’t done it in ages.

  2. Thank you for the lessons 😀

  3. That must be Nyquil or Robutussin.

    I use water displacement in the kitchen, measuring shortening or peanutbutter.

    That’s too much work. 😀 I just use one of those push up measuring cups. Actually, I don’t do that anymore. I stopped cooking with peanutbutter because of allergies, and I stopped cooking with shortening many hundreds of years ago.

  4. I stopped cooking with shortening many hundreds of years ago.

    So this would make you how old?

    28 :mrgreen:

  5. Those children are so lucky to have you as a teacher. Great Job !

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