Should be worried?

I have this cute little girl statue that sits in my weed garden.  She stands about 15 inches high and she carries a basket.  I can put bird-seeds in the basket or water or something else.  My goal is to make the weed garden a butterfly garden. Then the little girl statue can hold pebbles and water for the butterflies. 

 Last weekend I found the girl lying on her back, broken.  😦   My husband was dragging the hose around and it got caught on the girl.  That’s what he says anyway. I am not so sure that is how it went down.  I question Sir Husband everyday, but he denies it all.  Hmmm….

Back to the statue.  Today my eight year old sweetheart of a daughter fixed the statue.


Should I call a priest?


9 responses to “Should be worried?

  1. Aww, that is such a nice statue too. boooo!!!!!! (sniff)

    Your daughter’s fix is kinda cute. 😉

  2. Naaahhhh, read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow instead!

  3. That was a cute post. Other than your statue is broken.

  4. LOL….I’d be worried!!! Yikes!!! 🙂

  5. I’d call the cement guy over to fix her.

    Dd wanted to use her glue stick to fix her head. LOL

  6. Poor little girl ( statue).
    Hopeful you can glue her together.

  7. LOL I’m with Sheri & centicmuse Naahhhhhhh, but get some cement/allweather glue and some clamps. and she can still feed the butterflies.

  8. Tell hubby to be more carefull then call for some cement and such to fix her with. She’s still perfectly capable to feed little birds and butterflys.

  9. 😆 How sweet that your sweetie-pie of an 8-year old repaired your beloved statue. The repair has given it character. And you have a lovely story to tell yer grandbabies. 😀

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