Should I be worried?

I have this cute little girl statue that sits in my weed garden.  She stands about 15 inches high and she carries a basket.  I can put bird-seeds in the basket or water or something else.  My goal is to make the weed garden a butterfly garden. Then the little girl statue can hold pebbles and water for the butterflies. 

 Last weekend I found the girl lying on her back, broken.  😦   My husband was dragging the hose around and it got caught on the girl.  That’s what he says anyway. I am not so sure that is how it went down.  I question Sir Husband everyday, but he denies it all.  Hmmm….

Back to the statue.  Today my eight year old sweetheart of a daughter fixed the statue.


Should I call a priest?


9 responses to “Should I be worried?

  1. Dd wanted to use her glue stick to fix her head. LOL]]>

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