While we visited the farm on Tuesday, my friend let the girls collect eggs.


These are chickens.  They lay one egg a day. 


The girls collected three chicken eggs.  You do know what part of the chicken the egg comes from, right?

Two eggs went into brownies.  One had to be thrown out, because it was cracked.


This is the daddy duck.  He didn’t like us being there and squawked the whole time.  All “his girls” followed him around the cage like he would protect them, or something.  We are trying to hatch two of his children.  Each of my children are taking turns sitting on the eggs. It keeps my kids occupied; should take almost a month.


We got six duck eggs.  Two get to live, if they hatch, one went into bread yesterday, one went home with a friend, and I have two left to use.  They are covered in poop.  I am sorry I am bringing up poop again.  It happens.

My friend also had some quail, but for some reason I didn’t get a picture of them. 


Here are the eggs we got.  The brown ones are chicken eggs, the white dirty ones covered in poop (I’m sorry I said poop) are duck eggs, and the cute little one in the front is a quail egg.  It is spotted, not covered in poop (I’m sorry I said poop again).  I am going to make Sir Husband a special omelet with it.  😀


Look what I laid, Mom!  Haha, just kidding.  Really, Mom, I was just kidding.  NO, I DID NOT LAY THIS EGG!

12 responses to “Eggs

  1. Oh I love the quail egg. I really like that its spots are not poop! And thats the size of an egg I would like an omelet made with loaded with cheese and bacon!!!

    I think the last pic with your girl is adorable! She is a cutie. So when the kids have to “sit” on the eggs do they have to read nursery rhymes to the them?

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. That last part about laying an egg is so funny. (that’s a really cute picture of her too)

    That little quail egg is cute, it matches your counter-top. =) I can see where it would make a splendid omelet for the hubby.

  3. I want chicken so bad. I don’t think it’s going to work in the city of Phoenix though 🙂

  4. Fresh eggs are the best.
    Keep us appraised as to how the eggs are doing and how the kids are doing at incubating them 😉

  5. Fun! Fresh eggs are the best! I wish that I could have chickens. Well, maybe not. Well, maybe. Oh, I can’t decide. Fresh eggs still rock!

  6. I love all your pics! They are beautiful! Love, Karen T

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