Camp Blanding

Yesterday, we visited Camp Blanding Museum. The base was constructed in 1940 to train U.S. Army divisions. During WWII, Camp Blanding was the 4th largest in Florida. It operated clinics, hospitals, railroad depot, housing, water, theaters, commissary, and much more.

The museum is made from a WWII barracks. The inside looked nothing like a barrack, so I really don’t know what it looked like during the time it served as one.


Inside the museum were lots of interesting items, like weapons, flags, photos, pin-up girls, uniforms, and even one volunteer who served during D-Day. His name is William Trett and he was 20 years old when the photo he is standing by, was taken. That was two days before D-Day.


Here is an upclose picture of his photo. He said they had to carry 50 pounds of equipment when they jumped. That’s a lot of weight for someone who only weighed 115. LOL


Outside the museum were lots of Army equipment. I really don’t know the names of all of these, I’ll have to get my son to help me later. Anyhoo, here are some fun photos I took.




After walking around for a while, I decided I was plum worn out, so I took flight.

Ahhh, the air was so cool and clear up there.



There is nothing like flying behind a jet. The wind in your hair, the earth down below, the sun up ahead…


I bet some of you didn’t know I could fly. Well, now you know.


That’s my story and I am sticking to it.


17 responses to “Camp Blanding

  1. Who ya gonna blow up?

    😈 You’ll know when it happens.

  2. PS. I just noticed that you changed our name to Big Rotten Apples…..sigh…

    I thought we were Big Rotten Applies.

    Oops Sorry. I’ll go and fix that right now. 🙂

  3. hahahahaha 😈

    Neat image for the test. =)

    Wonder what those quotations marks are doing there next to the lower left side of the image. (views source) The quotes are in the source too. They surround the image.

  4. Yeah, I was wondering about those too.

  5. I got the quotes off, are you happy now? 😀

  6. Speaking for myself … I am very happy now, thank you Michelle. =)

    I like your choice of topics for your photographs. Other than the nice looking man up there, you’ve captured the dangerous tools of battle on digital er -efilm?

    Hey! I didn’t know you flew! 😉

  7. Such pretty Florida pictures!

    I see you have reckoned with the alligator in your header. How long are you going to leave his nose stuck in that tree? Poor thing didn’t know who he was messin’ with.

  8. Neat photos’
    Yea I hate it when they change the inside of building to make them a museum to look at things. You want to get the ear of what it was like.
    Guess that is where imagination comes in. You take wonderful trips. Enjoy them.

  9. Great photos.

    I remember similar planes at other bases I’ve been at. Hope you enjoyed your fight 🙄

  10. Is that missile aimed at the Ohio Rotten Applies? If it is please aim it south of Cleveland like towards Canton……..

  11. I loved seeing this through your eyes, Mizz Applie! 😀

    Have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Robin

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