Apologia Physica Science – Module 15

It is hard to believe we only have one more module left.  It has been an exciting year. 🙂

This week and next week we are covering Light.  Light waves are referred to as electromagnetic waves.  It travels very fast in a vacuum. Light does not need air because it oscillates an electric field and a magnetic field. 

Just as freqency and wavelength can determine the pitch of sound, it can also determine the color of light.  The first experiment we were to do in class was to place a mirror in a pan of water and place it in a sunny spot.  The light was to bend when it hit the water, then reflect off the mirror and cast a beautiful rainbow on white piece of paper.  Our problem, it was a cloudy, rainy day and no sun.  😦 

I wasn’t sure if this experiment was going to work, because I had done it before and it was a little difficult, so I brought my glass prism .  We had about a 2 minute spot of sunshine and was able to get a rainbow.  I wanted the class to understand that when light hit an object it will reflect or bend.  When the light hit the prism, the light bent, and when it hit the other side it bent again, seperating the colors. 

One of the students wanted to see just how the prism worked, so he tried it on for size. 


If you look closely you can see that he is looking up, the light from his eyes are going through the prism, boucing off the top, and he was able to look right at me, without looking at me. 😀 Creepy, huh?

Below are two photos of the girls working on experiment 15.3, Refraction of Light. I love how they are intently working on it.


This second photo shows the flashlight shining on the container. The light from the flashlight is reflecting from the container. You can see the light line to the left of the flashlight. That is a reflection. Because this substance is opaque, some of the light went through the liquid. When it did hit the liquid, the light had to slow down and it bent. (You can’t see that in this photo) That line is called a refraction.


Next week we are going to talk about lenses. Since we had 15 minutes left in class with nothing to do. I brought out my lens samples.

This is a Converging Lens.


And this is a Diverging Lens.


We will learn how light rays travel through these lenses next week.

6 responses to “Light

  1. very interesting…will you also explain how our vision is corrected thru lenses? (never did understand it fully, just am thankful I live this age, or I would be blind.
    what happened to the girls on your banner?

    Yes, I can explain vision next week. 🙂 The girls are gone, because I wanted something different. I don’t like what I have, so I’ll be adding something again later. I don’t have pretty close-ups like you do. 😀

  2. You need to move to the land of snow so that you can get my kids can get excited about science. 😆

    Or you could move to the land of the sun. 😀

  3. Can I join your class next year ? Great stuff !!

  4. Hi! I found your blog by way of Robin’s blog and LOVED this post! The photographs are lovely and really show the joy of discovery on each child’s face.


    Hi Lacy, thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

  5. Very nice Michelle! I love the pictures too! =)

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