Purple Piranha?

A conversation between the grandmother and my 6yo.

Grandmother, “How did you get that cut on your finger?”

Child,  “The piranha got me.”

Grandmother, “Piranha?”

Child, “Yeah, it’s purple.”

Grandmother, “You have a purple piranha?”

Child, “Yeah, it’s in my room.”

Grandmother, “You have a purple piranha in your bedroom?”

Child, “Yeah, it’s on the floor in the doorway.”

Grandmother, “You have a purple piranha, on the floor, in your bedroom?”

Child, “Yeah”.


Do you know what a purple piranha is?  🙂     ANSWER

12 responses to “Purple Piranha?

  1. The mess on her floor?

    You have a secret pet under your bed?

    It is the snakes friend?

    No. 😀

  2. Well, of course! Don’t you have a purple piranha on the floor in your bedroom???

    You should do a whole series of “Conversations with Children” … like every Saturday. I can’t speak for the mommies and daddies of the world — but as a woman who craves the sound of little feet on her floor — the conversations of children would be a joy to read.

    Blessings to you, Michelle.

    Thank you for your endless patience with my serious lack of computer skills. You rock like KISS!


    Hi Lacy, Click on conversations in the tag cloud, on the right.

  3. ROTFLOL! That is so funny!

    I don’t know what a purple piranha is.

  4. I’m thinking that it’s some toy that said child failed to pick up.


  5. LOL! I am anxious to hear what this purple piranha is.

  6. Too funny.

    Is a purple piranha the doorstopper with the spring in it?

  7. Is it the vaccum cleaner? lol

    I really wanna know to. he he 😆

  8. 😆

    Hmmmm The Case of the Mysterious Purple Piranha.

    I’m going to guess that the PP is a cord that she tripped over?

  9. No idea. But it must have big teeth. LOL

  10. you always do this to us. LOL

    hehe :mrgreen:

  11. lol.big teeth

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