It’s a jungle out there!

The kids go to their dentist, Safari of Smiles twice a year, unless they have more teeth coming in, than going out.  Then they have to go several times and have teeth extracted.   That’s right my kids’ baby teeth like to stay put and also my kids have no interest in wiggling loose teeth. Once we visited the dentist four times in two weeks.  They asked if I was moving in.  The way their office looks, I wouldn’t mind moving in.

Here is the front desk. The ladies who work behind here are very nice.  You can read all about them here.



Here is a seat by the front door. It is guarded by a friendly snake and a stuffed-up tiger.


Notice the seat by the snake.  All the adult seats are like that.  Not too comfortable, but will do.

This place actually entertains the children with educational healthy teeth games.  They have a seperate play room!  My girls know just where it is and leave me the minute they walk in the door. I don’t see them again until it is time to leave. 🙂 I spend the time reading magazines. That’s the only time I get to read magazines.  It’s almost like heaven.

Going into the play educational area is a really cool snake bench.  I don’t think I have ever seen a kid go through there and not sit on that bench on the way in.  lol   Of course the adult benches are not so exciting.


They even have computer games in there! Of course the games are all about good dental health. I got to clean teeth and color a page. 😀 My oldest daughter kept telling me how to clean the teeth. I am so glad she was there to help me.  Just don’t tell the dentist I was playing in the children’s game room. 😉


Below is the sink area. Now who wouldn’t want to brush their teeth here? I am thinking of redoing my bathroom.  I could talk to those animals in the mirror all day long.  They wouldn’t mind me brushing my teeth in front of them.  They might even reply with a “GREAT JOB!”.  That would be cool.


During the visit the kids get to relax on reclining child sized dental chairs.  While their mouths are wide open and can’t speak (which is a good thing sometimes), they get to watch a movie in the ceiling!   At my dentist all I get to see is the lights in the ceiling.    So not fair.

Dr. Alvarez is kind, gentle, and firm with her patients.  Our adult dentist recommended them to us when we had a bad experience with another pediatric dentist.  I won’t go into details, but let’s just say Sir Son left them a present all over the dental chair and floor.  I said, “good boy”.    The son would not go to a dentist without having his father hold him the whole time.  After one visit to Safari of smiles, he was good to go.  He liked it and wanted to go back.

After the visit they get to pick a junk toy from a plastic tooth. I don’t get one. 😦 I even argued with the dentist telling her that I bring her my children, so she can practice pulling teeth. I spend ALL my money at her office. I almost live there! Do I get a toy? NO!   I am not even allowed to be a patient there.  I am so bummed.   At least I get to catch up on my reading while there.

I never thought a dentist office could be so much fun. 🙂

13 responses to “It’s a jungle out there!

  1. Do they have good magazines? I’m always so bummed when all they have are back issues of Cosmo (gag… hack… cough… wriggle uncomfortably) and Highlights. I have nothing against Highlights but I don’t want to read it without a reason — a good one being that there is a child in my charge.

    Because my husband is military, we must go to the military hospitals for EVERYTHING. I have to tell you that they have the worst magazine selection I have ever seen. It’s all recruitment propaganda (like they aren’t already clear about joining the military if they are sitting in that waiting room) and retirement stuff. I bring a book but always trot around hoping that someone stashed a super-cool magazine somewhere. You see, I too am trained: waiting room means magazines!

    What a totally suh-weet dentist office. I love the reception counter!


    Yes, they have cool magazines there. Family Fun, Southern Living, and I forgot the others. They also have the daily newspaper. That’s where I found out that a local rock band wanted to interview women to be their “eye candy”. My husband wouldn’t let me try out.

  2. That is the COOLEST dentist office I’ve ever seen. I am so jealous! Ours is a drab waiting room and the rooms are teeny-tiny that they stick you in to wait for the dentist.

  3. I am so sorry that you don’t get a toy. How disappointing. It just can’t be normal.

    You have a great dentist office.

  4. If the dentist is as good as the waiting room it’s worth every penny!!!

    I love my dentist, and many of you know about my phobia of dentists, even though he doesn’t have such a cool waiting area but the mags aren’t more than a month old and range from guy stuff, to home improvement, to women stuff and of course good kid (not youth though) mags & books.

    My favorite part though is the blanket they have for patients if they’re cold, it is so warm and soothing, just makes you want to take a nap.

  5. I have never seen such a cool dentist office. That would of made all the trips easier for us to go to such a fun place when two of my boys were younger and had more cavities filled than the other 6 in the family put together!!!!

    Everytime I find a good article to read thats when we don’t have to wait long!!!!

    I’m learning to write down the magazine and then follow up the next time I am left waiting between activites at the library.

  6. You’re so funny! That dentist office looks like Disneyland.

  7. That is a nice waiting room!!

    The sentence above the sinks is funny “Brush only the ones you want to keep.” =)

  8. That is such a cool office.

  9. Awesome! Makes me want to make a dentist appointment.

    Okay, not really. But, I know my girlies would love that dentist! 😀

  10. I just totally love that dentist office. What an imagination. lol

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  11. Happy happy Mother’s Day Applie!! Hugs, Robin :mrgreen:

  12. I just read your reply to my previous comment and cracked up. Sign me up, would ya? I’d love to be called “eye candy.” LOL!!


  13. Cool office! My dentist office is very boring, but at least the chairs are comfy.

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