Come walk with me…

and take a trip around our neighborhood.  It is a breezy, beautiful, sunny day. 

First we leave our home and turn left, we will walk about 1/4 mile down to the beginning of our street.  Directly across the street that my street Ts into, is a new home.  I love this home.  It is a country home and well built.  If you look behind the right side of the home, you will find a small building.  That is the building that use to be these peoples’ home.  It use to be yellow and there was a chicken coop in the yard.  I once saw a dog run down our street with a chicken in its mouth.  I know where it came from.  Anyhoo, can anyone guess the real reason I like this home?


Next we turn to the left and walk about two blocks down or up, depending on where you live. The girls got ahead of us and decided to wait under one of the huge oak trees.


Once we have walked two block, we again turn to the left. l love this street. It has some pretty homes on it. Here is one that I like, it is not my favorite.  I always think the front porch is unfinished.


Now below is my favorite house. It is just down the street from the one above and has been here forever. I can’t get a good picture of it because of the trees, but it over looks the St. Johns River. It looks so peaceful to me. The yard is huge, plenty of room for children to play in.


Walk a little more and enjoy the beauty. We will once again make a left turn. This little road is a private one, but we know one of the owners, so it is ok if we walk down it. Now this street is very peaceful. We are far enough away from the busy street we first turned onto, so we don’t hear the traffic.


Below is a cute little garden someone had made in their yard and the it is doing well. 🙂 They also have a built in fire-pit, for roasting hotdogs or marshmallows.


Now we are coming to the end of our walk and to our road that leads home. Notice the railing on the left. We have to hop that railing to get to our street.  It is a dead-end street and we like it that way.


We have hopped the fence to go home.  Can you see the canopy of trees?


Awww, back home. Wasn’t that a lovely walk. Notice all the oak trees around our home. See all the shade. It makes for a lovely place to live, except when the branches and leaves decide to come down and say hello.


Here is a ground view of the trees above us. I did zoom in a bit. I wanted you to see how they get tangled in the upper branches. Sometimes when the wind blows just right, you can hear the branches rubbing against each other. During a hurricane, you can see the branches really bend. Awesome sight.  Since we are the only ones with a front porch, we get to sit out in the hurricane and watch the action. :mrgreen:


I hope you have enjoyed our little walk and I hope we will be able to do that again soon. I had a lovely time.

24 responses to “Come walk with me…

  1. I have no idea why you would like the first house so much. Hmmm, I will have to think about that one for a while.

    You have such a beautiful place to walk. I wish we had something like that.

    It looks so very peaceful.

  2. I enjoyed my morning stroll with you. But I don’t think it was productive in burning any calories for me!! Oh well.
    No idea why you would like that beautiful red house!!
    You live in a gorgoeus neighborhood. All those trees!!!

  3. Your area is lovely, Michelle. The first house is lovely…esp. the color!

  4. I would say that the first house is a favorite of yous due to the color. I like it as well but I like the out buildings on the left side.

    Of course I’m wondering why you haven’t painted your house red yet?

    It would not look right, but it does have red doors. 😀

  5. It would not look right, but it does have red doors. 😀]]>

  6. Great post…why don’t you turn that into a meme? better than the color of underwear! you have a lovely neighbor hood. Is that spanish moss hanging from the trees? and to think I have to buy that stuff for the floral shop!!!
    btw RED

    Yes it is Spanish Moss, but you would want to buy it in the store, because it is treated for bugs. And yes, it is because of red. 😀

  7. Yes it is Spanish Moss, but you would want to buy it in the store, because it is treated for bugs. And yes, it is because of red. 😀 ]]>

  8. Your neighborhood is awesome and I loved walking with you!

    I’m guessing you have a thing for barns.

  9. What a great idea! I am always curious about other people’s surroundings and what they like about where they live. I like the red house, too. The trees are great but the color and the really neat windows — it just looks really neat.


  10. What a lovely neighborhood! I don’t envy you picking up the oak leaves. They make such a mess, but it does make for a pretty yard and a nice shade.

  11. Just a quick reminder to vote for your favorite Cutest Pet Photo contestant (Pancake) and get all your buds to vote , too.


    Thanks for the reminder. I thought I did that already. 😀

  12. Thanks for the reminder. I thought I did that already. 😀 ]]>

  13. Pancake is very popular, Michelle! How about that?


    Really, I’ll have to go look. 🙂

  14. Really, I’ll have to go look. 🙂 ]]>

  15. That is a lovely place walk. =)

  16. Hi hi hiiiii Miss Applie! :mrgreen:

    I knew why you liked the first house the second I saw it, even before I read what you’d typed. 😀 Red red redddd. Pretty red.

    You live in a GORGEOUS neighborhood. Just lovely. Thank you for taking us along on your morning walk.

    Hugs, Robin

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