It’s a love/hate relationship

Why I hate gardening:


and vines

Why I love gardening:

Squash blossoms

Baby squash



20 responses to “It’s a love/hate relationship

  1. Your garden has really grown and looks beautiful. Even that vine you dislike!!!! I have not even planted my garden yet. We had a slight frost yesterday yet.

    What kind of vine is that?

    A nasty weed! You look at it and it grows and it sticks to everything and it grows…

  2. A nasty weed! You look at it and it grows and it sticks to everything and it grows…]]>

  3. How does your garden grow?

    With silver bells and cockle shells
    And pretty weeds all in a row.

  4. Your vegetables look good! =)

    Weeding is work, especially between onions. I’ve been weeding by hand, with a hoe, and scraping with the side of a hand trowel, or turning the dirt with a hand trowel.

  5. I can relate even though I don’t have a garden at this time. I’m hoping to change that though.

  6. I love your garden, Applie! If it weren’t raining I would show you mine, but, alas, it is. I think I will take a picture of our miniature yellow rose bush, though. The rest will have to wait for sunny skies.

    You know how we combated most of our weeds this year? By doing it raised. Not much, just a cinder block’s height. I look forward to less weeds! :mrgreen:

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, hugs, Robin

  7. Ugh. I spent about three hours weeding three different varieties of onions yesterday. I like onions, but I don’t like them that much, you know?

  8. A garden post! I LOVE your garden! The vine should stay. It’s graceful and charming. P-p-p-please don’t cut it down!

    I love squash flowers, too.

    You know, Pancake did really well in that contest. At one point, I thought the little guy (girl?) had won the thing. Seriously!

    Blessings to you, my friend!


  9. I’m just jealous thats all..of your veggies not the weeds, I have plenty of my own. Thank you


    PS I finally got a real post up! come back to visit.

  10. the vine looks like a virginia creeper.

  11. Very nice garden! Even the weeds aren’t so bad. I can’t believe (well, yes, I can) that you have little tomatoes and all that. We are just getting our nice weather.

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