A Contest!!

Well, not yet.♥

There will be a contest on this Applie Blog, in about two weeks, maybe less, maybe more, maybe not at all.  There is one problem; I need a contest idea.  That is where you come in. 🙂 

I am looking for something unique, different, normal, just for the Applie Blog.  I don’t want a “name that photo” or “most embarassing moment” or ???   So, please pop me a comment and give some ideas.  Keep in mind this is not the contest.  Your only prize will be your name forever etched on the Applie Blog as being the creative person who thought of a contest.  What more could you want?  :mrgreen:

I was thinking of having you submit insect photos, then the 4.2658 people who visit my blog can vote for their favorite.  That might be kind of boring, except Chocolatechic and Elaine would really enjoy it. 

I’ll pick a contest by Monday. 🙂

So, bring on the ideas!!

24 responses to “A Contest!!

  1. You could offer a Vitamix for the person with the best Vitamix recipe…..

    Or you could decide to make pink your favorite color for a month…wearing pink everywhere, and bowing to the Queen of Pink herself~~moi~~

  2. The funniest movie. I’m always searching for funny movies and love finding out about the ones that I haven’t seen.

    So, my contest idea is:

    Name the Funniest Movie you can think of. Then use the random number generator to pick a contest winner. The rest of us will be loading up our Netflix queues with funny movies.

    It’s a win-win!



    BTW, if you decide not to use this contest idea — I will. So there. 🙂

  3. How about, “Guess the number of socks that have been shoved into my children’s mouths this week!” LOL

    I have no idea. I like those random, draw a name from a hat sort of contest because it’s so hard for me to choose. That stupid dishcloth contest caused me much mental agony.

    I like your insect picture idea! 🙂

  4. How about a geography challenge?

    Or most unusual word?

    Applie’s favorite song?

  5. My brain is on vacation, so all I can think of are guessing games, such as how many drawers you have in your kitchen. =)

  6. I like Donna’s idea. 😀

    Keep the ideas coming. Someone must have an interesting contest idea. I’ll keep thinking too. It hurts a little, though. 😆

  7. Hmmm….. I like the insect idea, actually.
    How about most interesting science project or experiment?

    My brain is on summer vacation!

  8. while I like the insect idea, most of my insect pictures are fuzzy.

    What about The Prettiest Flower Contest?

  9. I have an idea, but I am not sharing it b/c I am going to use it on my blog – one of these days. Of course, if you come up with the same idea, I will just come undone and you’ll have to give me a prize to help put me back together.

    So, guessin’ games are good. How many red kitchen appliances do you own?

  10. Sorry all I can think of is duh? But all the ideas folks have mentioned sound neat.

  11. Hmm..I don’t know. I like the idea of a picture contest, but I have so few pictures that I know I won’t win. 🙂

    There is a random number generator thingamabobby on the internet somewhere. You could do that.

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