Get Moving Contest

Hi ALL!  😀

This is the week to put up a post about hiking/walking/running something and then make a comment here.  Your name will be put in a hat for a drawing next week.  See all the unofficial rules here

I was going to upload a picture of the fabulous prize, but I didn’t finish it. 😦  I had to take out a part of it, due to the fact it looked stupid. You know, not normal. So… for now, you’ll just have to believe it is a fabulous prize and I’ll get it up sometime this week.  It is embroidered, you can dry dishes with it, and it goes along with the get moving theme here. :mrgreen:

One more thing.  As with all my many contests I have on here (This is the third one), my P31 friend is automatically entered.  She is smart and doesn’t waste her time on the computer, unlike me some of you out there.  I know she moves around, she has a couple of little people to chase. 🙂

Hope to read about your moving experience very soon. 


13 responses to “Get Moving Contest

  1. I participated in the Take a Hike contest!!! Check out today’s post!

  2. Okay, Applie – I took a hike. In fact, I took several! I’m an overachiever like that. 😀 I think I should get an entry for every hike I took. You should adjust the rules for me. LOL

  3. I took one around Camp Mowana but no pictures since it was pouring.

  4. Didn’t go for any hikes therefore I didn’t take any photos so I won’t be blogging about any of it.

    Maybe next time.

    Elaine!! Now I know you go to the gym! You can talk about that, or you can walk around your yard, or you can walk to the refrigerator and get a donut or three. No pictures needed. Now get your rear moving and enter this contest!

  5. Applie, we took a walk around Fort Laramie just so I could enter the contest…. officially!!! If you are ever in WY check it out as it is worth the stop. We did alot of standing and talking too with the impersonators. Does that still count as we ran from building to building to avoid lightening and rain? I blogged about it too.

  6. Wow you are nice-we can even for donuts? Now that will be hard to resist.

  7. I have begun taking a nightly walk around my neighborhood. Last night Dh didn’t want to walk with me as he was painting the ceiling in the den…so I took one of the dogs with me.

  8. my hike, um…walk is posted! you’all come and visit.

  9. I walk my loverly treadmill and look out the window. Such fun.

  10. Went swimming with the girls two days in a row.

  11. Wishing you a wonderful day!

  12. Hmmm, does this contest mean you aren’t going to post all week? Maybe you are out hiking. 🙂

    No. LOL I am not posting for two reasons. 1. It is VBS week. My brain in fried. 2. I am moving the blog to another spot and I still don’t know what I am doing with the new spot. Actually, that could be three reasons.

  13. Michelle, I finally posted something. It’s a long hike through a store. haha Store

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