This is me.

This is what I looked like all last week during VBS. 🙂 I was the only one who looked like this. All 42 of the kids I was responsible for, could find me in a pinch. All but one thought I was crazy. The one who didn’t was my daughter and I just embarrassed her. Life is good!


11 responses to “This is me.

  1. Applie, it is so you! I am so glad that you embarrassed your daughter. That IS what parenting is all about, isn’t it. I soooo agree!

    What are the green things on your head?

    Those are the headboppers I bought off of ebay. They worked great with the theme because everyone thought they were palm trees. LOL

  2. Heehee…I don’t think anything you do will avoid embarrassing your dd in the middle of 42 kids, so you might as well have fun, right? lol

  3. Looks like you had a fun theme!

  4. You go all out for VBS!! That looks like so much fun!!

  5. I love it !!! Thank you so much for posting this photo. Yep kids are for embarrassing!!!

  6. Aloha!!
    You look so cute.

  7. In 2007, you wrote about an “ugly doll”. I came across it when looking for a pattern for a doll with a cross stitched face. THIS IS THE ONE!!!!Is there any chance you still have the pattern? I used to have it, but can’t find it. I want to make it for my new grandaughter. Thanks a bunch!!

    Hi Margaret, thanks for stopping by. I will email you.

  8. You are so much fun Michelle! =)

  9. Good job!
    Yep, anything to embarrass your children is a good thing =)

  10. Love the grass skirt!

    Too cool!


  11. Look at you, gorgeous! Love, Wardeh

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