Planning time!

This year has thrown me for a loop.  I haven’t even begun to plan.  Well, maybe very little.  The problem is we are starting school in three weeks!  yikes!!

What I have to do:

Make a schedule for everyone. I get lots of help from Donna Young.
Make a student planner.
Bake and freeze snacks for co-op days.
Bake and freeze waffles for co-op mornings. We leave at 7:00am, so I need an easy breakfast.
Shop for supplies.

I know there is more, but right now I can’t think of it.

What are you doing to prepare for homeschooling, if you do homeschool?

7 responses to “Planning time!

  1. I have already started.

    Didn’t have to plan much.

    PS. Like your banner.

  2. I started writing about it in my knights blog but haven’t finished planning or writing about it yet. I changed a few things from Sonlight this year so I am rewriting our schedule. I guess I will blog more about it.

    The flower is pretty but not as pretty as the one I posted on my photo blog.

  3. Nice banner w/the pink petals and red center (no idea what that part of the flower is called – I learned it in HS but forgot it when the class was over).


    I need to but I’m procrastinating and I’ll pay the price I’m sure – I’ve not even ordered anything at this time.

  4. so you’ve go ants on your trumpet vine. and couldn’t resist a photo op! sure glad you are back…missed you

  5. missplacedalaskan

    Too late for planning here. We are into week 3 of school. It is going pretty well, but I am still waiting to receive a couple of things.

    We are also in the process of selling the house so we have to work around cleaning & showings. It should go on the MLS Friday or Saturday.

  6. I don’t homeschool-but sounds like you are very organized!

  7. OOO you have a lot to do! =) The shopping part sounds fun.

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