2008/2009 Student Planners

I have been busy printing out my forms for this year’s student planners. 


Donna Young has put all the treasures Portfolio Lesson Planner Sheets in one area for easy access and printing.  Pretty cool, if you ask me. 🙂

For this year I am using:

  • Attendance
  • Weekly Planner “Weekly Log”, I really like the larger English section, and it is lined. 🙂
  • Reading Log
  • Field Trip Log, I have several to plan for this year.
  • School Calendar, I like the Clean Calendar
  • Curriculum List, I just made this page with lines, we have to keep a list for our state.
  • Cover sheet, This will have the name, grade, and year, plus whatever picture the child wants. 🙂

After they are printed and put in order, I will bind them into nice books.

Next job, writing in the schedule.

We start August 11th. When do you begin, if you haven’t already?

2007/2008 Student Planners

10 responses to “2008/2009 Student Planners

  1. My girls start back on August 25. All your organizational projects sound so neat!

  2. Same as you….Noah wanted to start a week earlier but we will be at upwards camp that week and they will be too tired after being in the hot sun for 3 hours.
    I updated their reference book and worked out some of Noah’s schedule from books that we changed out from sonlight.

  3. We start on or around Sept. 12 🙂

  4. I think we will start the 2nd week of August too.
    I better get cracking I haven’t even ordered the rest of my books yet. Thanks for keeping me on track;)

  5. We won’t be starting back to school until Sept. this year due to a hectic August. I don’t like to start school when there are so many times when we have family stuff going on that will interrupt our studies.

    Sadly I’ve not been too good about looking for and ordering curriculum. I’ll be working on that in the next few weeks. So we’ll begin when we have the majority of our curriculum by early Sept.

  6. Not sure yet, but I am starting to think about August 18th. But only just starting. ;o)


  7. We never really stopped! The only thing I’m doing right now to prepare is learning the Greek alphabet. JellyMan will start Greek in the fall, and I need to get way, waaaaaaay ahead of him. 🙂

  8. Thank you for linking my website. I visited the portfolio page and saw that I had make a clean calendar just for the portfolio set. =)
    lol I had forgotten that I did that.

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  10. Michelle,

    It is nice to have your list to refer to. Thank you. I am not sure when we will start. Probably late August or early Sept. Now that I have to follow your example and make planners for the children, I need more time! (No, really, we have lots of summer projects going on.)

    Love, Wardeh

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