Who’s the winner?

For the Take A Hike Contest.

I put all the names in a bowl and had my oldest daughter stir and stir and stir.


Next came the youngest. She picked a name without looking into the bowl. Wanted to make this fair. 😀

pick a winner

Drum roll please! And the winner is************

the winner

Peggy Ann of Colour Du jour!    Her prize is an embroidered dish towel. 

Congratulations! WooHoo!

Please email your full name and address. 😀

Thanks everyone for participating.  It was a lot of fun. 🙂

11 responses to “Who’s the winner?

  1. Congratulations Peggy Ann!!!!

    Applie, this was a lot of fun! Thanks for the adventure.

  2. I cannot believe it! WooHOOHoo and I love the dish towel! I ordered some flower sack towels to do some days of the week for DD hope chest

    I think it was a fun contest…I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s pictures and commentary!

    Thank you so much , bloggy friend, for having the contest and cool prize

  3. Congratulations and you won such a wonderful prize!

  4. Congratulations to Peggy Ann! I love the dish towel. Great prize!

  5. Congrats Peggy Ann!! What a great prize. 😀

    I knew that I wouldn’t win, of course I’m not sure why my name was in there as I don’t remember blogging about any outings we took during the time period but who am I to argue w/June 🙄

  6. Congratulations Peggy Ann =)

  7. Congrats Peggy Ann!
    Applie that is beautiful work. What a treasure.

  8. Congratulations, Peggy Ann!

  9. Congrats to Peggy. Wish I had won the towel-it is so adorable.

  10. Congratulations!!!

    I want in on the next contest!!!!!!!


    Lacy, you were in on this one. You just didn’t get picked.

    Razor Family Farmss last blog post..The Genius Idea That Just Might Work

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