Getting Ready for Homeschool

Updated to add:  2007/2008 Student planners here.    2008/2009 Student planners here.

Student planners are different from portfolios.  Student planners are just that, planners.  I plan out what each child will be doing in each subject on each day.  I plan the entire spelling, reading, history, science, out for the year.  I only plan out Math and English for a month.  I never know if we need to work longer on a new concept for those subjects. 

The colored notebooks below are the child’s everyday notebook.  Once a month, I’ll clean them out and place the papers in their portfolios. The portfolios are required in my state.  They are 3″ 3-ring binders and are given to an evaluator at the end of the year.  Once that is all done; all papers are taken out and boxed up.  We are required to keep their work for two years.

I hope I haven’t confused anyone.  🙂

We have spent a few days this week preparing for schooling.  I have done the shopping, made the planners, and put notebooks together.  There is still more to do like, writing the schedule, make a lunch menu, buy more supplies,  and buy new clothes because the kids won’t stop growing. 

Anyhoo, below is a photo of two of the notebooks.  Each kid likes their own color and they only want that color.  It makes it easy for me, if something is left out I know who did it.  😀  As you can see they are pretty set for supplies, except paper, folders, and some dividers.


This next photo is dark. I could have done a better job of getting the photo, but I am lazy right now and this is all you get. :mrgreen: These are the finished Student Planners. I love making these. The store bought ones have a lot that I don’t need; mainly because they are for public schools. Making my own lets me use only what I need and gives the child a chance to decorate the front. Each of my kids pick the photo and color binding they want. 🙂


 Do you make your own portfolio?

7 responses to “Getting Ready for Homeschool

  1. What happy colors. You are the portfolio guru! I make mine and I use tips from my normal friend I’ve collected over the years. Several of the papers I found in my piles were DYF tips printed out for me to study.
    I just don’t file everything and probably should throw more away than I do. I use a 3″ binder and stuff it full of everything they do filed by subject. I take pictures of projects that won’t fit. I a use the front for book lists, logs ect. What I’m filing now is stuff that never made it in the portfolio. It’s logged so probably should throw most of it away. I wish you could come over and give me normal advice:)

    It would be nice to visit. 🙂

  2. The best tip you ever gave me was set up my portfolio at the beginning of the year and file as I go. My kids have notebooks filed by subject that I clean out once a month to the 3″ portfolio binders. That has helped so much.

    Yep, that’s what I do. :mrgreen: I still get behind by the end of the year. LOL

  3. Michelle, the planners and notebooks look very nice! The color coordinating is great. PTL that companies makes things in so many different colors. =D
    The kitty cover is cute. =)
    You are making me want to go look at school supplies.

    It’s hard to quit, isn’t it? 😀

  4. of course!! I am normal at least in this. I am working on it quite a bit lately. Hoping to get it done soon. I think my princess needs a pink binder though.

  5. Yep, I’ve got this year’s portfolios all set up. I like your planners. I am always tempted to make some for The Goobers, but then I realize we mostly just do the same things every day (read the next chapter, do the next lesson, write the next essay, practice piano). Boring, but easily memorized. LOL

  6. I love your portfolios. I have made very simple binders for the kids in the past, but now with us redoing everything in the curriculum, I’m not sure what would work for us. Have you written about this before (I think you have) and could tell me what all you put in the notebooks, planners, portfolios? What is the 3″ binder for that you move things into? I’m clueless!

    Love, Wardeh

    Hi Wardeh! I updated the post to add links to previous posts on this subject. Email me if you have any questions. 🙂

  7. Michelle,

    You’re a sweetheart. I looked around at Donna Young’s website yesterday and with your edit, I believe I am making sense of this whole thing.

    Thank you for showing the links to your other posts. I am going to read them now.

    Who knows? Before my kids get home, I may have made them each a planner! (Which may be hard to do, actually, since I haven’t received many of their schoolbooks.)

    Love, Wardeh

    Wardeh, Donna has an excel file that you can fill in for assignments. I like paper in my hand, so I make the planners and then fill them out. You could make the copies and fill in later. 🙂

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