Cast Iron, what’s not to love.

Whenever we travel to the northern parts of the U.S., I always make my husband stop at the Lodge Cast Iron Outlet store in Pittsburg, TN.  My son just rolls his eyes and asks, “Do we ALWAYS have to stop here when we go up north?”.  This time I answered, “Yes, and I might even stop here on my way to heaven.”  Lots of eye rolling then. :mrgreen:

Anyhoo, it isn’t hard to convence the husband to stop.  He always gets something there too. 😀


Pittsburg, TN is a very small town.  We always love driving through it.  We arrived at the store a couple of hours before they close. WooHoo.



This time they have rearranged the store and added more new items, instead of factory seconds. We are cheap and buy the seconds. Now they have come out with very small items, that are made to go into your toaster oven. I’ll have to pick up a few of those on our next trip up north. 😉



It is fun to just walk around and look at everything. I love how everything is stacked up and you can just pick through them, to get the best one.


For this trip we bought a pizza pan, Abelskiver, and the sportsman grill. These were added to my collection of:

Two muffin pans
Three corn muffin pans
One 13″ skillet, most often used.
One 10″ skillet
Two 12″ skillets, one is probably close to 100 years old, second most often used.
Several teeny-tiny skillets. I don’t use them.
One Grill Grate
One Griddle
One 5qt dutch oven
One Fajita pan, which we don’t seem to use anymore.
And we have two more skillets in our camping equipment. 😀

I’m not done collecting. 😀

Cast Iron, What’s not to love part two.

19 responses to “Cast Iron, what’s not to love.

  1. oooooooooooh man I am so jealous. You have NO IDEA how jealous I am of 1. you went to the outlet, but 2. have such a fabulous collection.

    I have a

    12″ skillet (most used)
    6″ skillet (most used ~~for the girl)
    a deepfrying pot
    a 10 or 12″ round flat pan/griddle
    that is all

    The boy has

    a 10″ skillet
    a dutch oven with legs

    I want a dutch oven without legs. I also want a tri-pod so that I can cook outside with my dutch oven.

    I would also like to have a 12″ skillet with an assist handle. Mine doesn’t have one, so I have to manhandle that thing.

    wwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh I wanna a better collection.

    LOL Some of these were given to me. My 13″ pan has the assist handle. I couldn’t use it if it didn’t. I want a dutch oven with legs. I don’t need one; just want one. 😀 I just had to update my list. I have two 12″ pans and one does have the assist handle.

  2. Fun! I adore my 13″ cast iron skillet. I have several smaller ones, but I hardly ever use them. I keep telling The Man I need another 13″ one, and he keeps rolling his eyes at me and telling me what I really need is a cast iron griddle! I also love my dutch oven. I only make one thing in it (pot roast) but it’s perfect for the job.

  3. Wondering how pricey is the cast iron for toaster ovens?

    I can’t remember, but I think they were under $10.00. They had an oval, rectangle, and some skillets. I thought there were more, but I wasn’t interested in them at the time, since I couldn’t buy them then. The biggest cost would be in shipping.

    CC, I just realized you can see some of the smaller ones in the store photo above. Third picture down, left of pizza pan. I enlarged the photo and found that the oval one (about 6″) is $11.95. Can you see the three divider tray on the lower shelf? Cute!

  4. I’m with CC on this: I’m green w/envy as well (I’d use green to reinforce this concept but don’t know how to do that in comments). I would love to have a larger cast iron collection but I just don’t have the space in my kitchen and if I had to go to the garage every time to get one from the pantry it just wouldn’t happen.

    I’ve got a fryer, dutch oven w/o leges, 2 flat skillets that are used 1 – tortillas only and 2- anything else, and I’ve got 3very small slillets that are mainly used for making deep dish personal pan pizzas.

  5. could I have forgotten my double burner griddle. I love that thing. The chips hate it because it is difficult to wash.

    Yep, that is what the hubs has. I think it is used more than my large skillet. LOL

  6. Count me in as a jealous fan, too. I’m longing for a Dutch oven!

    Love, Wardeh

  7. I am feeling deprived! I have only stainless steel.

    Why do you love your cast iron so?

    I’ll answer that in another post. 😀 Stainless steel is my second favorite and I don’t have any.

  8. oooh I am so jealous too! I love cast iron, I grew up with using them. I even use it on my ceramic cooktop. Nothing browns ground beef like cast iron!

  9. LOL at the having to stop at a certain store. Both David and I have store-have-to’s at places not near home.

    I’m just an hour’s drive from South Pittsburgh, but I’ve not been to the Lodge Cast Iron store yet. We just never go in that direction when we go somewhere.

    You have quite a collection of cast iron!! =)

  10. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have been to that very store. Our son was a medical student at Vanderbilt and we would stop by that store on our trips to see him in Nashville. On my last trip there, I bought a dutch oven and absolutely love it. It bakes a mean pot of beef stew.

  11. Nothing like cast iron! I use mine all the time. I’ve heard of little ladies actually using their frying pans until they wore through-can you imagine?

  12. I made it to the Lodge Outlet Store back in April at the National Cornbread Festival. What a great weekend! I’ve just linked to your post in our newest “Cast Iron Around the Web” at

    Welcome to my blog, Rick, and thanks for the link.

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  14. Congratulations on your new cast iron babies! I know I love mine.

    Too fun!

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  17. I know this is an old post but I just had to share the joy that I joined the world of Lodge Cast Iron. I finally got rid of my remaining no-stick pans and replaced my skillets with Lodge. I got 3: 12″, 10″ and 6″. I found them at Wal-mart of all places. YAY! I am happy.

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