Cast Iron – What’s not to love. Part II

I have always loved cast iron. When properly taken care of, it lasts forever. When seasoned properly, nothing sticks to it.

When a  cast iron is properly taken care of, it lasts forever. The following is the skillet I got from my husband’s side of the family and we think it might be close to 80 years old. It is a 11 1/2″ skillet, by Wagner Ware. It says on the bottom “Wagner Ware, Sidney, -0-. Notice how slick and shiney it is. That’s the way you want your cast iron. 🙂


This is my favorite skillet. I think it is because it has a history to it. 🙂 Last night I made our Beef Stir-fry. Things taste better when cooked in cast iron. 🙂


After cleaning the skillet, I always put it on a low burner to dry out. Then coat with olive oil. This helps pretect it from rust. But once in a while, if I don’t use the cast iron in a while, I’ll find rust in spots. I found a nifty little sponge thingie at the Lodge Outlit Store to help with this.

Here is my muffin pan. As you can see there are a few rust spots. See that little sponge thing to the side. All I have to do is rub that on the spots and it takes off the rust. I don’t know what it is called, I don’t know what it is made of, and I don’t know how it works, but I like it. 😀


And here is the finished product. I have not coated it with the oil yet, in this picure.


Pretty cool. 

Cast iron, What’s not to love. Part one.

15 responses to “Cast Iron – What’s not to love. Part II

  1. As you know, I love cast iron, too. Lodge is my brand of choice and for many reasons but the main one is that they not only come preseasoned but also with detailed instructions on how to care for them. You are so right, btw, everything tastes better when cooked in a cast iron skillet!

    Glad to be back from L.A. and catching up on my favorite blogs!

    Razor Family Farmss last blog post..Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

  2. waaaaaaahhhhhhh

    I want a cast iron muffin pan.


    SMACK! right back at you with the cast iron muffin pans!! I don’t use them because, I only have two (makes 12 muffins) and I make 24 plus muffins at a time. The cast iron muffins are smaller than the usual muffin tins, which are nice, so I’d need even more cast iron muffin pans.

  3. Nifty tool/sponge/gadget! I think I need one of those.

    K1 has been after me to replace our muffin tins. They were cheap and when they got rusty I threw them away. We have the large tins now, but she wants to make “regular” sized muffins.

  4. You know I am right there with you on the cast iron. Love the stuff! I think right now I have 21 pieces not including lids.
    I’ve been collecting since 1980 and all of mine are ancient LOL!

    I’ll have to get a picture of the whole gang sometimes for you 😉


    oooo do share the photos. I think you have the fun hanging pieces that Chocolatechic wants. Do you have one of those spider skillets?

  5. Since you don’t use them, you should send them to me. I only make 6 at a time anyway. meahhhhh

    chocolatechics last blog post..July 24

  6. So nothing ever sticks to a cast iron pan? Ever? Boy I have to get one of those!

    I faintly remember my mom having a cast iron pan (about 30 yrs ago) but I dont remember her using it for the last long while. I will inquire about it today! You’ve got me curious now.

  7. Very beautiful! There is just nothing like a well seasoned cast iron skillet. I made a frittata in mine the other day, and it came out perfectly.

    I need a nifty little rust remover like that. One of the small skillets I don’t use looks awful, but since I don’t use it, I’ve been putting off re-seasoning it. Too much scrubbing is needed. That doo-dad looks like it would speed things up a bit!

    Melanies last blog post..Homeschool Anxiety

  8. I love my cast iron and my favorite is in need of reseasoning, so thank you for the reminder.
    That scrubby stone sure looks handy.

    Your dinner looks yummy, btw!

  9. That sponge thing looks much like a pumice stone but I could be wrong. It’s suppose to be good to use on feet, toilets & other places where you get rust build up. ***Not the same stone for each use please – Yes I know that will come up but you’d want 3 different ones: 1 for cast iron, 1 for body, 1 for toilets and other household cleaning.

    It is not a pumice stone. It is too soft, unless there are different grades of pumice stones. Yes, I know you need different stones for different areas. LOL

  10. Applie I think you are trying to get your bloggy friends to do a cast iron meme. so why not. btw I DID NOT tag you for the 7 things but I did tag CC she’s got a great blog.

    peggyanns last blog post..The seven things tag

  11. Michelle,

    I love the black shininess of your skillet! And yes, everything tastes better in cast iron.

    I have a question though. You said the other day that your 2nd favorite cookware is stainless steel and you don’t have any. So… what do you do about tomato products in cast iron? Don’t they turn all brown or am I wrong?

    (The beef dish looks delicious.)

    Love, Wardeh

    My response updated. The pots and pans I do have are very old stainless steel. I had to ask Sir William. LOL Anyhoo, they are getting old will will need to be replaced in a few years. 🙂

    Wardehs last blog post..Our Goat Family

  12. My hubby always gets on to me if I forget to dry the cast iron on the low heat and coat it with oil. And I say “get out of my kitchen.” Just kidding he cooks as much if not more than I do.

  13. I can’t live without my cast iron! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Most of my pieces have so much sentimental value because they came from my dear grandmothers kitchen! They’ve definately been used! When my grandparents passed away all I took from the home were cast iron skillets and cook books! I have two in particular that I use constantly, but wouldn’t give the others up for anything!

    They say that cooking in cast iron adds much needed iron to your diet as well~ Thanks for sharing about the stone, I’d never heard of it… I’ll have to look now.

    It is true about the iron. When women stopped using cast iron for daily cooking, doctors started seeing deficiency in iron.

  14. Hey Michelle!

    Thank you for commenting on the site — you are so sweet!

    I’m having fun changing things around and creating seasonal headers. Josh took care of the animlas and garden while I was gone. He’s in a school at Ft. Benning and able to come home every day at about the same time.

    Poor critter, he was hungry when I got home. He’d been eating Progresso soup the entire time I was gone.


    Razor Family Farmss last blog post..Simple Gal to City Gal? Ha! Part 1

  15. Looking at the Wagner #10 it could be 50 years on the young side to perhaps 70+.

    Very nice skillet!

    My blog is dedicated to cast iron. I’ve got an article on old Wagner Ware pans in the works.

    Gregs last blog post..Ghost Markings

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