The Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO

Our first exciting stop in July, on the way up north, was The Gateway Arch.  It was completed in 1965 and my first visit was in 1968 and I have been to it several times since. 


The outside grounds have changed alot, since that first visit. They now have a beautiful park to walk through.  Here we are on the way to the monument.

 us walking up

Here’s another shot of the arch, without the handsome couple in it

walking up

This next photo was taking right under the arch.

outside top

See the windows at the very, very top? No, let’s see if I can zoom in for you. It is only 630 feet high, making it tallest national monument in the United States.

Now can you see them? 😀

windows in arch

We purchase tickets and head on over to the elevators. Elevators, LOL, what a hoot!

There are seven “elevators” and each door measures 2′ by 4′ and has five little round seats. The youngest sat on the Dad’s lap.

elevator door

After we squeeeeeese in, I took this picture. I couldn’t get all six of us, there just wasn’t any room. I don’t know why my son has that look in every picture I take of him. That is, if I get a picture of him.  I don’t know if you can tell by the background of the picture, but the elevator (lol), is actually round.  Sir William’s head bumped the top.    As we went to the top, the elevator would rock, it was going up like stair steps.  You can’t go straight up when the building is curved.  😀

inside elevator

Tomorrow, I’ll post more pictures of what it was like way up in the heavens and some history.

10 responses to “The Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO

  1. I remember that place.

    I was pregnant with the boy when I went up in the arch.

    So cool.

    chocolatechics last blog post..July 28

  2. Been there! Josh grew up off of 55 about an hour outside of St. Louis and the arch is a symbol of “home” for him.

    Glad you had fun! I love the pictures of the kids in the elevator!


    Razor Family Farmss last blog post..Simple Gal to City Gal? Ha! Part 1

  3. You and hubby look so cute together!
    I love the last picture looking up at the arch. It is really amazing.

  4. Hey you just added more pics.
    How cute are you kiddos!! They are looking so grown up. I think I would have been a little freaked out by the small elevator. Did you go to the part with windows in it? Another cliff hanger from Applie?

    That comes tomorrow. 🙂

  5. I’ve been “by” the Arch so many times, but never stopped to be the ”tourist”! We need to do that someday.

    missplacedalaskans last blog post..Nothing~

  6. Never been to St. Louis but the boy was there last summer – I’m thinking he was at least at the park if he didn’t go up the “elevator”.

    One thing, that shot of the 2 of you at the arch is pretty dark, can hardly see your faces, can you lighten it up at all?

    I look forward to the “wait” for the next group of photos from your trip.

    Elaines last blog post..Gardening Efforts 2 – The Flowers

  7. I like your pictures Michelle. I’ve only ever seen far away pictures of the arch, never any like yours. =)

  8. I enjoy you photos, Applie.

    I remember going inside the arch when I was about 10years old. It terrified me, but didn’t dare admit it at the time.

    Sheris last blog post..Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 3

  9. Love the pictures-the one looking up at the arch-makes me dizzy!

    Tippers last blog post..Down The Creek

  10. Nice pictures! The 4th one is cool.

    Melanies last blog post..Feeling Less Than Inspired

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