The School Room

I spent a few days this week cleaning and decluttering the school room.  It was a huge mess! I would like to say this is how it all looks. All in order, all clean, all pretty, and all ready to go.



This is how the rest of the room looks.

In one corner we have cleaning supplies, insect books I haven’t a place for, two boxes of dead animals to disect, and jars I don’t want to get rid of.  See the cabinets?  Don’t ask what is in them. 

and in the other corner we have unruley bookshelves, a computer that is old and only used for games I have thrown out, trash basket full of trash, stepping stool, and my school bucket.


I feel like I’ll never get it cleaned and the very sad part is, IF I ever do get it cleaned it won’t stay that way.  **sigh**

UPDATE:  Trash has been emptied. woohoo…

12 responses to “The School Room

  1. LOL I remember your huge pile from a while back. You’re still doing okay, Applie!

    I wish I had a school room. Working at the kitchen table does have its benefit, though – we have to clean up before every meal!

    Melanie, the room is too small to work in. It just stores our junk and the husband’s desk. We use the kitchen table too. 😀

    Melanies last blog post..Requisite Nasty Bug Post

  2. Real cabinets with some drawers! I am so jealous! I think we have the same behemoth of a desk, but I have mini-mountains of paper on either side of my keyboard. :/

    All in all, your room doesn’t look out of control. You’ll be finished up in no time

    Sheris last blog post..Seen of angels

  3. Looks great!

    Jessicas last blog post..Home…

  4. I emptied the trash out today, too. I feel so accomplished. :p

    muralimanohars last blog post..The times, they have a’changed…

  5. I love your bookshelves and cabinets! Ohh, the things I could stash in those cabinets! Dh would not be impressed.

    missplacedalaskans last blog post..Nothing~

  6. UPDATE: Trash has been emptied. woohoo…

    Way to celebrate those small victories:)
    I’m still working on mine stuff too but the piles are decreasing and it looks better than it did. I try to stay focused on that so I don’t give up or get bummed about it. We can do it!!!

  7. I love the cabinets in there. And a place for the books. Oh, I am coveting. Not a good thing. 🙂
    You can give yourself a sticker for taking out the trash. I say, well done!

    Tressas last blog post..I am a year older.

  8. You’re doing great!!

    I wish I had a separate room to store all our school stuff in.

    Elaines last blog post..God’s Children…

  9. Its hard to keep everything orderly when your constantly having to get something out or put something up. At least thats what I tell myself.

  10. Michelle, it is really nice that you have a room for your school stuff! =)

  11. What a cool room, Michelle! It has SUCH potential to be really really nice and completely organized.

    😆 😆

  12. Michelle, you are very blessed to have a room for school and it looks like a room where much learning takes place, which is even better. Some progress is better than none, so I hope you’re not too discouraged.

    Some of my bookshelves are emptier now that I sold many of my Sonlight books (and the ones that haven’t are in boxes ready to go). I haven’t been inspired to organize what goes back on them and at the moment, there are just stacks ready to be organized, if I ever feel motivated!

    On a good note, I decided on what I will use for planners. It is a very simple form I’ve used before and can’t think why I didn’t keep up with it. I vow to keep up this time and thanks to your inspiration, I believe I will!

    Love, Wardeh

    Wardehs last blog post..Thrift Store Report

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