Moving on…

We leave the small town of Hannibal, where everyone is related, and you have names like Lynnie, Markie, Shelleybabe, TeddyAnn, and Sunboy. We leave behind businesses with names like Puddin Head and Jumping Frog, Becky this and Tom that. Where the main drink is Sodies and lunch is dinner, and dinner is supper. My children still crack up when, at noon, I call them to dinner. At least I don’t ask them if they want a sodie.

We move on up north, toward Wisconsin.

As we are driving on the boring express ways, we are always looking out for something exciting.  I mean the kids are, because I am crocheting and I don’t care what is outside, until someone yells, “HEY! Look at that!”

This is what we saw this time.


Sir Husband said they were fan blades probably around 100 feet in length. It was something to see. And this is what they are used for.



Sir Husband said it wasn’t a good day for the windmills that day. Most were not moving, which means they were not producing electricity. They are only useful when the wind is blowing.

I still thought it was an impressive site. 😀


7 responses to “Moving on…

  1. They said “sodie” in Springfield, IL when I lived there for three months once! 😆 I thought it was the funniest thing.

    In OKC we called everything “Coke”. :mrgreen:

    “Do you want a Coke?” “Sure, what kind, Sprite or Dr. Pepper?” 😆

    What did you crochet on your trip? 🙂

    Hugs, Robin

    Springfield, IL is not that far from Hannibal. Here in Florida the brown drinks are Coke and the white bubbly drinks are Sprite. LOL I crocheted the round baby afghan that you want in fall colors.

  2. Having lived in Missouri for 4 years, I definately know what a ‘sodie’ is, what ‘chat’ is and what ‘twinkies’ are.

    We moved from Texas, to OKC, to Missouri.

    Culture shock with every place.

    chocolatechics last blog post..August 13

  3. So that’s what those things are.

    Jessicas last blog post..We’ve moved again…

  4. Dh is from MO, but I don’t think they ever had a Sodie.

    I think the fan blades traveling down the hiway were impressive! We usually see a military convoy when we are travelling.

    missplacedalaskans last blog post..And Still Nothing~!

  5. We drive by those huge blades a lot. Til you see one up close you can’t imagine how big they really are!!

    kaths last blog post..Going Again…….

  6. Its dinner here too! Very neat blades.

  7. This is just way cool. To me, it’s these unplanned moments that make a road trip.

    Nancy Jo Wilsons last blog post..Seeing and Hearing (1st John 1:1-4)

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