This is not my fault

A few months ago, my FIL stopped by to pick up a drill.  While chatting with dd#2, he picked up the drill and pretended to shoot her with it.  Not to be out done, dd#2 picked up her favorite stuffed-up friend and shot my FIL. 


To shoot a Manna-Gun, just lift the flipper, pull it down, and say, “Kapoosh!”

Now dd#3 likes to copy, but still do her own thing. She picked up her favorite stuffed-up friend and shot it, but in a different way.


To shoot a Cata-Gun, pick up the back end, lift the back leg, pull the leg down, and make a gassy “raspberry” sound.

This has got to be the father’s DNA.

7 responses to “This is not my fault

  1. All genes for shooting anything come from the father’s DNA though it is usually only the boy children who get that DNA. 😕

    Maybe you should research this to find the truth.

    Elaines last blog post..Cough Funny

  2. Nope…it sounds just like you.

    PS. It is always your fault. 😉

    chocolatechics last blog post..August 16

  3. You have stumbled on a popular weapon in my house. Not limited to just the stuffed animals. :p

    Believe me; I understand what you are saying. 😉

    muralimanohars last blog post..It’s a girl…

  4. Ha ha ha!! Definitely the fathers dna!!

    kaths last blog post..Heartfelt Week…….

  5. LOL! I bet that made your FIL’s day. =)

  6. kids (incl the FIL) a never ending source of comic relief….

    peggyanns last blog post..The wedding with the most beautiful vows. Ever.

  7. Yep Father’s DNA-thats the kind of thing my girls get taught by their Dad too!

    Tippers last blog post..Speak like an Appalachian II

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