A Crochet Tool

Every once in a while, I’ll ask Sir William to make something for me.  This time around I asked for a wooden platform with a stick in it, to hold my cone of yarn.  That’s all the instructions he needed.  LOL

Here is what he made to hold my Merino Tencel (Colrain Lace), to make the Crocus Bud Shawl. 

 Yarn holder

It isn’t finished. He said he has to polish the round disc at the top. He likes to make things pretty for me. 🙂 Gotta love that! Notice the bottom is not square; he cut the corners to make it look nice, painted it a glossy yellow (because that is all we had), and added a thick cork bottom. The cone of yarn, fits right over the top.

yarn holder 2

In the above photo you can see there is another disc that fits under the cone. This is to keep the cone from sliding all over the place on the dowl.

yarn holder 3

Once the first disc in on there, just slide the cone on top, then the top disc, goes on top of the cone. In the above photo you can see where Sir William cut a groove into the disc. That sits snuggly on top of the cone, to keep it from wobbling.   Different sized discs will be made, when needed. 🙂

It is a very nice tool and worth having, especially since the husband goes out of his way to make it extra special.   My next request will be to make something to hang on my wrist to hold small balls of thread.  I’m thinking a metal washer will be involved. LOL

8 responses to “A Crochet Tool

  1. I like that.

    Jessicas last blog post..Update…

  2. wow that is so cool, no wonder you married him!
    I like the yellow too.

  3. That’s really neat.

    kaths last blog post..New Toy……..

  4. Very snazzy! I just use an old, beat up paper towel holder. I was satisfied with that set up until now – thanks a lot, Sir William. LOL

    Melanies last blog post..More Lessons Learned

  5. That is a great tool to have and I’ve thought of having my hubby make something similar for me. He did help me with something for skeins – an old mayo jar with a hole in the lid for the yarn to come out of.

    I thought of that too, Elaine, but wondered if the hole would catch the yarn and snag it. How did you make the hole smooth?

    Elaines last blog post..Twosey Tuesday

  6. That is just the sweetest thing. To me that shows just how deeply he loves you, that he would take time to lovingly carve something for his Dearest.

    Hugs to you!, Robin

  7. I agree with Robin, that is the sweetest thing. Your husband is also very talented.

    Love, Wardeh

    Wardehs last blog post..Rearranging on My Mind

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