Physical Activity – Siblings

This year in our homeschool co-op, I have the honor of facilitating the PE class.  The class is called The Siblings because they are the siblings of the 6th through 12th graders in the co-op. 

We are participating in the Presidential Active Lifestyle program.  To begin our day we march to warm up.


Donna Young was kind enough to write a marching song just for us.

Homeschooling is number one
It’s a lot of work and fun
Our teacher is our mama
The principal is our papa
We don’t know, but we been told
Our brain is worth a ton of gold.

Sound Off!
One, two,
Sound Off!
Three, four
Sound Off!
One, two, three, four
Three, Four!
          ©Donna Young

Thanks Donna! The kids love it. 🙂

Next we stretched and did some jumping jacks.


After getting the body all warmed up, we played with the new Scoop ‘N Toss equipment. I have a set of six scoopers and matching plastic balls. Later in the year, I’ll have to think of odd, fun activities to do with these.  If you have any ideas, just let me know. 🙂



Each Monday I hope to have a different PE activity for the class, because …

we all know, we take being physically fit very serious and varity is a good thing.



10 responses to “Physical Activity – Siblings

  1. PE was my favorite class to teach!!!! But sometimes its harder to reign their attention in than it is in the classroom as they are on the move!!!!

    Have fun with it!!!!

    Kaths last blog post..New Toy……..

  2. I like the marching chant. Very cute. I think Family Fun has some cute ideas this month for activities. The teachers were talking about using them for PE this year.

    Tressas last blog post..Today is a special day.

  3. You are the perfect teacher for this class.

    chocolatechics last blog post..August 27

  4. LOL Have fun with that!

    Melanies last blog post..Fourteen Years Ago Today

  5. I’m with CC
    Looks like everyone is having a good time.

    Elaines last blog post..Homeschool Memoirs – Agendas

  6. I bet you are a FUN teacher, Applie!! :mrgreen:

    Do you exercise right along with the young troops? 😆

    Yes, I do.

  7. You are just awesome Michelle, do you know that? =D

    I’m happy that they like the cadence. =)

  8. What a great idea. I just printed the info the the presidential challenge yesterday. Everyone looks like they are having fun:)

  9. LOL! Love the party hats!

    We had boot camp today. bwahahaha

    Sheris last blog post..Memphis Zoo Monkey

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