The Thunderer Whistle

At the beginning of summer I started purchasing PE equipment for this next school year.  One of the required pieces of equipment that I wanted needed was a whistle.  I picked the ACME Thunderer Whistle all because it is the  the shrillest, most popular whistle in the world.


I figured I would give it a test run during VBS.  With up to 42 kids in my care, I was sure I’d need it. 


I was very careful to blow on the whistle lightly, since we were inside a building. One day, the 30+ kids were not listening. I blew lightly two times. Still no attention was put on me. So…. I blew with all my might.

ALL eyes turned to me. You could hear a pin drop. It was a beautiful thing.  This turned into a needed item, real quick. 🙂

After I gave instructions on what to do, the kids started saying, “My ears are ringing.” I didn’t have to use the whistle again. LOL

I learned two things:
1. Use the whistle outside.
2. Wear earplugs, if whistle is needed inside.

If you need to pick a good whistle you can find information here.

6 responses to “The Thunderer Whistle

  1. Why did I not think to buy one of those when I had the house full of small children??

    Kaths last blog post..An Aaaww Moment……

  2. I’m glad that it turned into a great investment of crowd control of children!!

    Elaines last blog post..Speeding Funny

  3. hmmm, perhaps you have been watching the Sound of Music? If not maybe you should learn to blow like he did.

    MichielleRoses last blog post..Intensity level is showing already

  4. Fantastic! Does it work on husbands who are busily chopping down trees with a chainsaw and don’t know that you are desperately in need of a shoulder because you are exhausted from spending all week entertaining your aunt and uncle who visited from up north? LOL!

    Sorry not to visit more! They left today and I’m only just getting to my computer!


    RazorFamilyFarms.coms last blog post..A River Runs Through It

  5. Now that must be some whistle! The girls clogging coach needs one-when she can’t get everyone to listen-one of the older ladies does a cat whistle for her!

  6. I have used one of those before I know the power those things hold I love them. lol

    Bobbies last blog post..Bad Blogger

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